Dec 16, 2008

Stupid Winter :o)

This is the type of image that I drove through yesterday, cold and overcast. The original forecast was for a nice morning, and getting colder in the afternoon. Well, it was full face-on bluster yesterday walking the 1//2 mile or so into my office from the parking lot. I did not wear my winter jacket (stupid, stupid, stupid [hitting my forehead as I say this]), and I was very cold and the wind gusts actually sucked my breath away several times.

On the way out last night, the wind was at my back, so was not real bad, but my legs were definitely cold from the wind blowing through (keep it clean folks :o), and my butt almost froze to the seat when I got in my car (I sure miss the electric seats from my previous SUV's).

Tonight, I had the opportunity to experience lake effect snow and Midwest pre-winter (that's right, winter does not actually start for five days) driving "dandies". On the back roads, the top speed was 25 mph, and on the freeway, it increased to a whopping 40 mph. There is something wrong when a Mustang is passing SUV's and trucks on both stretches of road.

I am hoping that part of the stimulus package will give MI/IN drivers some "balls".


  1. I thought the Butt warmer was totally useless till I actually had one on a car I bought. Now it is the best thing, kind of like to garage door opener I thought was useless too..

  2. I wondered why you were hitting your head and saying "stupid stupid stupid!" (He really did that, folks!) Now I know.

    Thank you for backing Slick into the garage, and I will probably need to get out to mail a package, so thanks to you I won't get stuck! It's supposed to warm up a bit, too.

    LOL, Claudia--I call them Butt Warmers, too!


  3. Ooh, I can hardly wait for that weather to get here! Getting your report is kinda sorta like a peek into the future. Not a sure thing we will get any of it, but the weather guys want us to believe we will.

  4. We've just had our first real snow fall today. Enjoy your evening.

  5. We are looking at getting snow here tonight/tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to driving with folks who don't seem to know how to drive in snow. (I'm a former Hoosier - I have my share of experience!)

    My son got a butt warmer in his car and I remember telling him that had to be the most useless thing to have! Yeah, well, I got in his car and I LIKED it! My SUV doesn't have and of course I WANT.

    Keep warm!


  6. I agree about winter. It's cold freezing and icy here too. It'll be salted on my way to work in the morning so the main roads will be fine.
    Getting out of my drive way will be the problem, I fear. Take care!

  7. I couldn't agree more with your title. Although your picture looks lovely! I would die without my heated seats...okay, I wouldn't die but you get how much I love them. LOL

  8. I can't imagine living in weather like that for the whole winter. I would not survive :)

  9. Brrrr. I love the snow 'cause I don't have to get out in it and we get very little here (normally). Anything past the TN line is too far north for me though.
    Hugs, Joyce

  10. I heard there was snow in Phoenix, AZ! I doubt it stuck to the ground for long. That is just bizarro. Anyway... stay safe on the roads.

  11. Wear that coat next time. Guess I don't have to tell you that huh? Helen

  12. Ken, I got a chill just reading that! Poor guy! Now, I'm going to channel your mother..."PUT YOUR COAT ON!!!"

  13. Your first photo was beautiful and makes me miss the snow but then after reading all your comments.....I remember the cold and freezing temperatures.........makes me appreciate living in Florida now.


    Hugs, Rose

  14. I'd tell you to stay warm and safe but that would be so redundant - so stay warm and safe you sweet hobo clown!! :)

  15. Bucko:

    I too have made the mistake several times, and still have not broke the winter coat! Stupid Stupid!

    I feel your pain about the heated seats, and mine are leather. The waether has been unkind to us in Illinois, but not as bad as other places.

    Please stay cautious of other drivers in this weather! I wish you a good week and a Happy Holiday!


  16. You don't go out in the cold weather without a coat. Now you've been told that before. Let your freezing cold butt be a lesson to you.


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