Dec 20, 2008

Do You Have One?

During this holiday season, it is important to keep a positive attitude. We all have things that could easily bring us down as we think about memories past, loved ones that cannot share the holiday with us (for a variety of reasons), or to feel a little sorry for ourselves because our best laid plans are not working out the way we had hoped.

I believe that having a positive attitude is crucial for individual happiness, and even more important in a family or work situation. Attitudes are contagious, and it is up to each and every one of us as to whether we are going to infect others with positiveness, or negativity. The easy path is to take a negative or victim approach. This denial and negative perspective, which is underneath what is observable to others, can be like an infection and spread and become gangrenous.

Below are seven simple messages that can be used to put yourself in a positive frame of mind:

Contribute to Success: Find something that you are passionate about, and get involved. This will most likely result in doing something for someone else.

Confidence: You must believe that you are a winner before you can be one.

Take Control: In life there are very few things that you have total control over. However, you do have control over your attitude. The way you approach a given situation is entirely up to you.

Visualize Success: Practice succeeding at something in your mind. This will help make you more self-assured and comfortable.

Start the Day Right: The type of attitude we have is a choice we make every day. If you don't automatically feel upbeat, look around and find something to feel good about. This can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Avoid Negativity: Do you say half full or half empty, partly cloudy or partly sunny? This is an indication of how you see things. Habits can be broken, so find the silver lining or ray of sunshine for goodness sake :o)

Do the Right Thing: Attack issues head-on. Learn from past experiences, and do not let things fester.

So, here is wishing you a magnificent holiday season and may each and every day be wondrous for you and yours :o)


  1. Great advice. I think another benefit of being positive is that it will bring more positivity back to you. We all get down from time to time, but no one likes being around a Debby Downer all the time, and if that is what you project to others, they will eventually avoid you. Better to have a better attitude and draw others to you rather than repel them. LOL

    But seriously, just as negativity feeds more of the same, so does the positive. I really believe that.


  2. Not going to brag or nothing, but these are things I strive to put in practice each and every day. Couldn't imagine going about living any other way!

  3. I've got it all under control now with the family get together behind me...doing the happy dance all the way into the holidays. Speaking of which, WOW on the ice you had to get off your car. Too bad you couldn't park in an overhead garage to at least semi-protect the car. Here's to hoping you and Beth are both smiling into the rest of the season as well. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Attitude makes or breaks us for sure. I have to admit that somedays I work pretty darn hard to keep myself on track, but it beats the alternative. 'On Ya'-ma

  5. Nothing to do with this post, but I saw this entry on another blog and instantly thought of you:

    Hope you enjoy.


  6. Thanks for the advice, it hit home with me. I really like your graphic; it made me smile and it made me think.

  7. Some good points. Happy Holidays to you and Beth. Helen

  8. Ken:

    What a great read! I thank you for your entry and hope many people read this, and follow this advice! I feel your pain on the ice scraping, and noticed you got more than we did. We were so lucky, it could have been worse for so many people. I wish you guys a great day today, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Manning Matchup! :0

    Please have a great week!


  9. Great words to live by. I am a half full type of person which tends to annoy the crap out of those who are not.

  10. Happy Holidays to you and Beth and a Happy New Year ~ Ally x


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