Dec 11, 2008

OptOut of Offers :o)

Here are three websites you can use to OptOut of credit, insurance, magazine offers and the such.

Some statistics: Each American gets 40 lbs of junk mail each year, which is an average of 848 individual pieces, 30% of worldwide mail is composed of U.S. junk mail, and 19 Billion catalogs are mailed each year.

I know we get lots of junk mail, and I continue to try and find ways to limit it.

Here they are:

In order to opt out of some of the credit card offers and such, you need to provide your SSN, but again, this information came from Time, so it has been properly vetted.


  1. I definitely need to do this, because the catalogs are out of control! Out of control, I tell you! It's all available online now, so why keep killing trees?


  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I get so much junk mail just thinking about it makes me feel sooooo guilty! I am heading to these sights now.

  3. Cutting back on junk mail is always welcome. Thanks for the links.

  4. And if any of you need insurance, all you need to do is visit your friendly neighborhood State Farm agent.... *smile*


  5. Thanks. Any clue as to how to stop the various telephone companies from sneaking up and leaving those huge phone books on my door step? I don't have phone service with any of them but they deliver telephone books annually! It's a conspiracy!


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