Dec 18, 2008

Late But Safe :o)

Five and a half hours late, but safe and sound in Overland Park, Kansas. Apparently there were storms across the country today. Delays, but not bad flying.

I am very frustrated right now, the "free" wireless is so slow I cannot even open e-mails, but at least I can connect a little. Looking forward to being home late Friday night.

Nite, Nite, off to bed I go.

Bucko :o)


  1. I'm glad you made it safely. Sheeba and I are holding down the fort. He he'ped me wrap presents yesterday. ;)


  2. Paul gets frustrated with the "free" wireless in most hotels too. have a Safe trip home tomorrow.

  3. I also found the free wireless to be slow. Even one place it was nonexistant because the recepton was not good away from the hotel modum. What I would love it get and wish someone made is a "pay as you go" wireless card. This would be great for busienss trips and vacations. I do not want to duplicate the service with the service I have at home with another additional monthly fee.

  4. Hi Bucko,
    I'll bet the storms you're getting were the rain showers we had here in Calif. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here's a tip regarding slow wireless in the room: If your hotel also offers access from the lobby, give that a try. I've been in that same situation -- slow access in the room -- many times and learned over the years that the lobby is sometimes a better option.

  5. Glad you made it safely. The weather is crazy everywhere.
    Hugs, Joyce


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