Dec 12, 2008

Detroit - Star Trek Temporary Home :o)

I see a trip to Detroit in our 2009 Future. On our last trip to Las Vegas, we went to the Hilton and had the Star Trek Experience (we are geeks, we fully admit it). We were so bummed that the Experience closed in September '08, so we will not be able to live it again in January with our great friends Kim and Steve.

However, there is a silver lining, we will have a chance to make a sojourn to Detroit next year to see the new exhibit described below, and hook up with Bill and Mary Sue, and perhaps check on a few "stars" and "grains of sand" :o)

Discover imagination and innovation like never before with one of the most popular and influential works of science fiction known around the globe. Making it's Midwest debut at the Detroit Science Center, Feb. 14 - Sept. 7, 2009, STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION takes visitors beyond television and movie screens into the Starship's bridge and Captain's quarters. Your students will see engineering milestones shared between fiction and reality, witness the fruits of creativity, and be exposed to the on-going themes of social justice and tolerance as advocated by Star Trek.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was always proud that his show was built on real scientific principles. STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION builds on this tradition by using Star Trek's imagined future to teach real science. Inertia, rocket propulsion and relativity are just a few scientific principles showcased.

Albert Einstein once said that "imagination is more powerful than knowledge." Introduce a new, fun, and original way to pursue further studies of physics, aerodynamics, engineering, literature, drama, and film - just to name a few.

Live long and prosper!

We are really looking forward to Star Trek XI release on May 8, 2009, so click the link if you want to get a trailer preview. Note to self, May trip to Detroit to include a movie viewing, hmmm :o)


  1. *GASP*

    This is the first I've heard of this exhibit! Look out, Detroit, here we come!


  2. I'm so NOT into Star Trek... HOWEVER, I remember being VERY into the original series when I was little, my dad and I watched it all the time. Have fun in Detroit!!

  3. I am a devotee of Star Trek in all of its incarnations. I still watch old episodes whenever they show up on late night television. Thanks for the link to the trailer. I like Kirk but when Picard says, "Make it so," I get shivers!

  4. I love Star Trek also...but everytime I look at the old one's I see how blasted sexist Kirk was LOL. I adore Picard though AND Worf! The "new" Klingons are great and their women can kick some major butt LOLOL. Blessings, Teresa

  5. You will have to come visit me when you go! Linda

  6. WOW I would like to see the Star Trek Exhibit myself. Even though my Subaru is made in Indiana I would be afraid to drive it in Detroit.

  7. I meant to tell you about that ... it was in the paper ... would be really, really Kung Fu mega neat to see you and Beth ... may even double date and get a meal in Mexican Town!!

  8. OH NO - TREKKIES!!!!! LOL
    Hugs, Joyce

  9. Hi Bucko --
    LOL ... "Live long and Prosper." I've had occasion in the past to work with both Leonard Nimoy and Jimmy Doohan (my company hired them as spokespersons years ago for a promotional campaign). Both very nice ... but I must say working with them took away some of the mystique.


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