Dec 26, 2008

Rehab Time :o)

Get your mind out of my drunken gutter :o)

Actually, Rehab is the name of a band and I got their latest CD today as a gift from Beth. The track that both Beth and I had heard on the radio is titled "Bartender Song" and has a very catchy rythme and beat to it, and the tone and lyrics are pretty cool also. We had not talked about this song, but Beth knew that I would like it. The version on the radio is cleaned up, but you know what the "missing" words are. PARENTAL ADVISORY - EXPLICIT CONTENT. First link is to the unedited video, and the second link is to the lyrics.

Sittin' At A Bar (Remix Clean) Lyrics

Another track that I really like is the video below, which is a little milder, but still not something you should listen to with the kids. The Hook: This town is my home, it's deep in my soul, That's why I'm at home even when I'm on the road. We were listening to the CD on the way to and from Beth's side of our family, and this part of the song really made me think about how blessed I am to live were I live and to have the family here that I have. No matter where we travel, this is our town, our home, and because our our family, our soul. Peace to you on this Christmas Evening.

This Town Lyrics


  1. I'm glad I got that CD for you--because just like Irish Spring, I like it too! (Will anyone get that reference?)

  2. I got it ..! That is an OLD commercial!

    Liked the 'bartender song'. I keep thinking that I don't want 'the terrorists to win', so I refuse to get that low. Besides, I drown my sorrows in chocolate chip cookies and Coca-cola, not booze! So I am never so out of my mind ... just a little 'Cornholio-esque'!

  3. Ooooooh, I love the Bartender song, I think it is great!! Yeah, I get the irish spring thingy!!!

  4. Hi Ken,
    Hey, thanks for the heads-up on Rehab. I'm listening to the whole album now on Napster (legally, of course). Bartender's great ... I like the beat even though the lyrics aren't quite up my alley. And yes, I get Beth's Irish Spring reference (i.e. manly, yes, but she likes it, too ... spoken with an Irish accent).


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