Nov 1, 2008

November Wishes to You :o) - And Remember the Time Change

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Here in the Midwest, the weather cooperated both yesterday and today, with temperatures in the 60's.

Between some home projects, and a large stack of work-work, I could not sleep in past 7:15 this morning. So I turned on the coffee, headed out to get the paper, and was all caught up on news and Spotters by 9:00. I put in a couple of hours of work-work, then got on with the program.

I headed out to Lowes to get some electrical supplies, and the place was very busy. I hope that is a sign that after 4-6 weeks of hunkering down, that we are ready to start venturing out a bit and get our economy moving a bit. When I talked to the manager (who opened up a new lane), he indicated that it was very busy, and he was appreciative when I said "that is a good thing :o)"

The main plan today was to install some new outlets in the old garage for our home gym area. I turned off the breaker for the garage, but put on gloves just in case, and sure enough, when I cut into the wire for one of the outside lights, sparks flew. Drat, I did not do a thorough vetting of the candidates for energizing my garage campaign (sound familiar? :o). So, we powered down the house, I installed the new outlets, did a reconnoiter of the power source, and we are back up and running (and know which breaker to use next time :o). We took the opportunity to reset all of the clocks for the time change tonight/in the morning (0200 hours), so no-harm-no-foul. I also picked up two new oil-radiant heaters, and some new 150W equivalent CFL bulbs for the home gym garage area. Tomorrow, we will assemble the weight machine, and we will be up and running.

Currently watching ND, a 3-3 tie with Pitt, and Illinois starts their game at 3:30, so ta-ta for now!


  1. Great job on the garage!! Our little workout area is coming together! :)

  2. Oh boy... forgot about the clock thing tonight!

    be well...

  3. Thanks for the reminder of the time change. Glad the project is coming along well.


  4. Ken, I had a college roommate who was English, he thought the whole daylight savings time thing was stupid and never changed his watch or his clock. As a result he spent half the year recalculating the time. D

  5. Our clocks went back last week it's so nice that extra hours sleep, only drawback it gets dark at 4pm.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend


  6. Glad you mentioned the time thingy. I had put it completly out of my mind. Electicity scares me 'cause you can't see it. Glad you got it done safely.
    Hugs, Joyce

  7. There are two times each year that I miss living in Arizona..When we fall back and when we spring forward. :) Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like you had a productive day.

  8. I forgot the time change was tonight. Have a good day tomorrow.

  9. i just woke up and need to go and change the clocks. We have a clock in the basement that we never change so eventually it gets back around to the right time. LOL
    Be careful with those breakers!

  10. Ah, the energy of youth. I spent most of Saturday morning looking for body parts. I'm going to have to call some of my friends to see if I had a good time last night.


  11. Uh, I disagree about the busy Lowe's being a sign the economy is doing better. IMO, it is a sign that folks are willing to try things themselves, as they can't afford to contract that stuff out.


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