Nov 16, 2008

Our Studebaker/PAC Dinner Last Night :o)

Here are some pictures from the great night we had last night at our Political Action Committee (PAC) appreciation and solicitation event last night.

We heard nothing but good things about the venue and the food. Beth did a great job, and she was given appreciation several times during the welcoming speeches (yes, one of them was me).

If you look close at the pictures, you will see Beth in several of them, and there is also one of us together. It was nice to get dressed up.

After the dinner, a small group of us went to a local Irish Pub and had some good cheer and good company.

All in All, a fun evening.


  1. Great slideshow! I'm so glad everyone had a good time. Yippee!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the photo of you and Beth together. I didn't realize you were so tall (or maybe Beth is just I'm trying to catch back up with blogs. Oh and BTW...What about them Titan's?
    Hugs, Joyce

  3. Thanks for the great film Ken!
    You both look stunning!
    everyone looks like they are having the time of their life! Cheers!

  4. Looks like everyone was having a great time!! You two are just ADORABLE together!!! Glad it all went so well!!

  5. Love the slideshow Ken. Looks as though it all went well. I take it nobody died from eating the crab? ;O)

    B. x

  6. Great pic of you and Beth, looks as though everybody had a great time.


  7. It looks like it was fun! You and Beth look great. Linda

  8. Nice pictures ... you and Beth look so happy together ... and you HAVE to be a tall guy!

  9. Great pictures, it looks like a really fun event. You and Beth are such a great looking couple.

  10. Hi Bucko,
    Great photos! Just curious, was the "mushroom lady" -- i.e. the one whose husband kept emphasizing that mushroom appetizers meant certain death for his wife -- in any of them?

  11. Happy to hear of the success of the event complimented with great pics of the two of you and of those gorgeous cars.


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