Nov 5, 2008

Cedar Rapids :o)

Alas, I do not yet have any pictures, as it was DARK when I got here today, but I am safe and sound in the near downtown of Cedar Rapids.

I am here for a Regional meeting of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Region 2. I will not bore you here with details, but I have been the Michiana Chapter President since 2005. We get together to brainstorm and share what works and what does not, several times per year :o)

For the most part, an enjoyable day. I spent the morning with my Bride, and it was very enjoyable as we both still had the election night glow going. We had some great laughs regarding a "troll" that emerged today on her Blog, but the traffic and comments at Nutwood Junction stand for themselves (if you have the stomach, go read them :o).

Then, about 1:00 P.M., I headed to the airport for my sojourn here to Cedar Rapids. I had the good fortune of sitting next to a Service Man (Army) in Chicago, and spent quite a time talking with him. Of course, I bought him a cool amber beverage, and shook his hand, giving him thanks for his service (he has been in Iraq).

On the way to the hotel, I was the only passenger on the "shuttle", and we had a great chat. He used to play football, and tried to get a scholarship at Iowa State (IU is the local favorite, but they would not give him the time of day). He has his degree, in Psychology, but could not find the right job (what a shame!!!), but had an excellent outlook. We discussed politics, higher education, sports, and educational opportunities. I could not help myself, because he was a great young man, and I went into mentor mode, and gave him some things to think about regarding getting Marriott to pay for his MBA :o)

Hope you are all having a great day today, I know mine was priceless :o)


  1. I have a feeling you mentor alot more people than we know about... I think it's just in you.

  2. the comments over at nutwood are amazing to say the least! Beth sure knows how to handle herself though. Linda

  3. I feel like Nutwood Junction is a battleground, but the good guys are winning!

  4. Sounds like you made your trip a fun experience, but then that's no surprise! ;)

    Glad you made it there safely.


  5. I enjoy how you write Ken :) You seem to be so positive about life and I think that's great. To people like me that read you that tend to get overwhelmed by life and other things it's a heartjoy :) Blessings and have a SAFE trip, your wife wants you home safe and sound. Blessings* Teresa

  6. All my friends in the US are on such a high, glad you got to do some mentoring, it just goes to show if you can take the time to talk to someone, you can learn something. Have a good trip


  7. It sounds like you've met some good people on your journey.

  8. My husband and I lived in Iowa City for about two years. We had to go to Cedar Rapids to go to a Mall. The town had a particular odor. It smelled like a lumber mill, I never did figure out what it was. Hard to imagine that in the spring the town was buried in water.



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