Nov 2, 2008

Sunday Chores :o)

We are having Beth's Junior/High School piano delivered to our house tomorrow. So today was making space in the basement for the piano. Beth indicates that she is self taught and looks forward to getting back into the habit. With the new addition of the garage home gym area, we moved the downstairs TV and stand to the old garage, and made a nice space for the new addition.

There was also a couple of hours of some sorting and porting of "stuff" from the basement to garages (one for long term storage, one for a spring garage sale).

The last chore was to "winterize" our deck area - which means covering the furniture and putting the Barbie under the eaves (winter meat cooking is via the Crock Pot or the broiler).

A fairly productive early part of the day, then off to the showers, and now it will be getting ready for another short work week. Since I had to work last weekend, I only had a three day work week last week (I was off Monday and Tuesday). This week is only a two day work week since I have a business trip that starts Wednesday and I return Saturday night. The good news is that on Wednesday when I went in to work I found out that I am no longer part of the extended outage, and I am back to my regular day job :o) So with two short weeks, I have some work-work that I need to get done.

Hope you are enjoying your fall weekend. Here is a couple of shots of our fall foliage out the back window.


  1. A very productive day! I love the yellow of the big silver maple. It amazes me that it went from mostly green to that intense yellow in the space of about a week!

    SO glad we don't have to worry about this extended outage! We'd deal, of course, but I'm glad we don't have to!


  2. Your foliage is lovely, this is just the most beautiful time of year and I love to see the pics everyone has.

    I should be covering everything up today but just don't feel up to it so maybe next weekend.

    Enjoy your short work week, lucky you!!!

  3. I'll miss grilling for the next couple of months. Enjoy your evening.

  4. It's a bit sad when you have to put everything away for the winter, you then than winter is truly on it's way. Good your getting back to a more normal work schedule,have a good trip this week.

    Take care


  5. Winterizing here means putting on pants instead of shorts, and tennis shoes instead of sandals... but we're still not ready for that yet... I wore sandals today, and shorts yesterday. But the weather IS changing nicely.

  6. Lucky you, two short weeks in a row. I love the pictures. Linda

  7. Self taught pianst, eh? Famous last words, if you ask me (but remember, you didn't!)

  8. The trees are so pretty! Nature is so awesome how it just knows when to change! We leave our barbie out all year round, and I love it! It was actually about 90F today!

  9. Enjoyed seeing the trees in your area. We don't see much of that here in south texas.

  10. Very nice pics. Yep, it's Fall. My maple tree is just starting to turn. Once that's done, the Bradford Pear will start.

    Very pretty time of year


  11. I didn't know Beth played. You will have to post a video some time of her hitting the keys. I would love to see it. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. You'd better watch the back. I hope you have
    help getting the piano in. Those things can
    weigh a ton. I love my piano. Even though
    I don't play at all, I can run my hand over
    it lovingly! Good photos. Enjoy autumn.

  13. Sounds really busy and it looks so pretty there! ah! I can feel the fresh air there!
    Ken would you and Beth go see Sam (gaboatman) (Docklines) becasue he just had a heart attack...
    nd Jeanette (Outside -looking in) (formerly Jeanettes Jottings) because she was too ill to go in for her cancer check up...
    hope all is well

  14. Hi Ken,
    Glad you're back on at work. Beautiful photos. You two have such a beautiful place! Hope you and Beth are having a wonderful week!



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