Nov 7, 2008

Back in the Groove :o)

Phew, long day, and I am getting ready to hit the hay...

Productive day at our Strategic Advisory Group meeting, we developed a "hosting" document shell for the conduct of our Regional Meetings, which should come in handy as Beth plans our May 2009 regional meeting in South Bend. She was a trooper when I asked her if she would be up to the task (Thanks Honey :o)

I brought my workout clothes, and did head down at 5:00 P.M. for a 55 minute workout. This is the first one in about six weeks, and it was good. I think I am back in the groove and ready to make use of our little home gym :o)

Today is Friday, so hope you are making a smooth transition into the weekend :o)


  1. Isn't everyday the weekend? Oh that's right I'm retired now. Sorry about that. Have a safe trip home....Linda in rainy but warm Washington state

  2. Glad things are working out for you :) work out? omg... I breathe, that's a workout for me LOL. Blessings* Teresa

  3. Hope you both have a good weekend ~ Ally x

  4. Have a safe trip home. :) I'm actually getting close to a point where I can count down the days til Paul is back. Friday is gym day for us (Mac and I) and I think we're dragging Kim with us today. She was kind of nonplussed when she discovered that Mac can now beat her in an arm wrestling match. LOL ..

  5. I don't mind planning your meeting. It's a learning experience, and those are always welcome. :)

  6. It's been too long since I had a work out, so well done safe journey home tommorrow and enjoy the weekend.


  7. That is soo cool, that Beth doesn't mind planning your meeting! That is teamwork!

    I am going to join a club ... don't know if it is going to be the Y or Bally's. I want to lift some real weight and see what happens.

    Good to have a trooper with you ridning shotgun!

  8. I'm glad things are going well for you, and that is super nice of Beth to help you out. Love your little Happy Dance!

  9. I know you sure felt better after working out. That's something I could stand to get back into. Glad things are going well on your trip. Happy Friday to you and Beth!



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