Nov 22, 2008

Mini-Me :o)

Since everyone enjoyed the last picture of Sheeba, getting some heat from the register, I thought I would post another picture I took a couple of months ago.

We picked up beanie babies that were a black panther some time back. Sheeba likes to play with them, often tossing them in the air (especially after I rub some catnip on it, hmm, good idea, I am doing it now).

Okay, that was fun, he enjoyed his "treat". Here is a mini-slide show.


  1. Hi Bucko,
    Great photos ... that Sheeba seems to have personality to spare!

  2. I rarely buy my cats anything now as they just destroy but it's fun to watch and hear them growling.

    Take care


  3. Always entertaining! He went back for Round Two a moment ago, and is now crashed and snoozing on my lap. :)


  4. My dogs favorite toys are beanie babies. They really do make great pet toys. My cats don't seem intrested in them.

    Love the picture!

  5. Marty is right ... Sheeba looks like a cat from a commecial!

  6. Sheeba is beautiful and seems to have quite a personality. She must fit in perfectly in your
    Hugs, Joyce

  7. Thank fo sharing! My cats love catnip too.

  8. That was hot stuff seeing Sheba play with the Beanies.
    I don't have a cat but a buddy of mine and his wife entertain their cat with one of those cheapie laser pointers. They shine it all over the place and the cat chases it and loves it.

  9. I loved the mini slide show ~ Sheeba is a beautiful cat ~ Ally x

  10. Sheba's quite the character! I get that way sometimes when I spill Johnny Walker Black on my lady friend.


  11. Oh my gosh, that reminds me the last time I took Pickles to the bookstore, she was fascinated with the stuffed version of Marley from the book, "Marley and Me". When I put one down next to her she got offended and wouldn't look at it. I think she might of thought it was a puppy and she would have to share me, it was too cute.

    Sheba looks likes he's having a ball with the beannie panther. We do the same thing with the catnip on the toys for the cats. (Hugs)Indigo


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