Nov 21, 2008

Keeping Warm :o)

It did not seem that cold outside, but the temperature in the house was below 60 degrees (Fahrenheit).
One of the things that cracks us up is that when the furnace is going, Sheeba loves to sit over it. Here he is with the furnace going, see how he straddles the register.
Happy Friday, and hope you have a restful weekend planned (after all, the holidays start next week).


  1. What an adoring picture! Feather my youngest takes over the top of our pellet stove. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Ha ha! What a great picture of Sheeba! Sometimes he lies down on the register...I don't know how he can stand that kind of heat, but it's funny!


  3. He's got the right idea! I'm still thawing out from the drive home. At least there's no snow in the forecast till Monday....

    :) Leigh

  4. Sheeba didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. How cute!

  5. Hi Bucko,
    Thanks for the "follow." I'm reciprocating ... for the complete Nutwood experience. Just one look at the snow you woke up to tells me that Sheeba has the right idea.

  6. That's cute! My Gabi has never done that but she get close to the woodstove when it's going. You've got a smart kitty with a warm tummy. Linda in Washington state

  7. Smart cat! I hope you guys have a great weekend, and stay warm.

    Restful! HA HA
    I wish, but life is what it is sometimes!


  8. Awwww,now that's cute! My cats lie in front of the fireplace on their backs....LOL

  9. If I don't leave the window blinds open in the morning for Sheba to bask in the sunlight, I get whined at until I do.

  10. My cat, Diva, does the same thing! She also loves to lay by the door when it is open in the summer when the sun is shining right in. Guess she loves to be warm. Linda

  11. Wherever it warm, that's where you will find any of my babes. At night they plastered to each side of me and one on my knees! I feel like a cat warmer! Dannnelle


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