Nov 15, 2008


At work, we have had a rash of injuries this year, and while we have managed to turn our culture around, the behaviors have not followed. The funny thing about that is normally it takes years to turn around culture, and behaviors are typically easier to modify in the short term. We seem to have it backwards.

To try and reinforce expectations and behavior, we decided to have a human performance intervention yesterday. What we are starting to recognize is that while we have had a strong focus on safety and have internalized that message in the last year - hence the culture change, we have not had the same focus on human performance.

It all starts with situational awareness (be aware of your surroundings, and take two minutes to think about what you are going to do before you actually start), stopping when uncertain, trust but verify, and taking the time to do it right the first time (it takes more time to do it over than to slow down and not let false time pressure cause you to make errors). These aspects of human performance are applicable to all aspects of your life, not just an industrial situation.

So yesterday, my assignment was in the outside area of the plant, stopping and introducing myself, asking the workers what human performance tools they are using to perform their work safely, and to show that we care about them and their safety and performance. Isn't that what interventions are all about? They were receptive and friendly, and it actually felt good to show that we care :o)

What area of your life are you not completely satisfied with, and what type of intervention will you implement?


  1. Hmmm ... I like that. I want to think that is something that I do. It is simpler for me to figure out what I need to do to get different results, than it is to figure out what the things I don't control need to do, you know?

  2. I saw it so many times at the lab, both in myself and others...when you buy into the time constraints, and rush your work, you end up making mistakes that take more time and effort to fix than if you'd done it right in the first place.

    I like Intervention Kitteh!


  3. I am loving intervention cat! I need one of those myself... my cat only tries to take the laptop and remote control away from me... hmmm... maybe I doooo have an intervention cat!
    Hope y'all have fun tonight! Don't eat the fish!

  4. I think I need help from Intervention Kitteh also!

  5. Well, I can soooo relate to this one. We had 12 Osha Recordables last year....and one lost time. This year we have had 4 Osha Recordables and Zero lost time. We've purchased the DUPONT Safety Stop Program. And it has really overturned the culture in two years. This is a good system. We engage the employees "senses" and "mind's eye" to work safely. Does it look safe? What could go wrong here? Does it smell right? What I hear is that right? What around me could cause a problem? We do inspections and engage the employees. It's a non punitive program so the emps are not intimidated by it. I have been impressed with this program. I think a company can do their own program like this w/o the expense. If you need any ideas let me know.

  6. Good advice no matter what you do for a living.....


  7. Okay Ken, send the cat over and you've got me covered for life :):) :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  8. Boy, Ken, is that ever a loaded question! lol

    When my intervention is completly done I will answer this question in full. I love the concept.

    Oh, and that Nutwood Happy Dander up there...he makes me smile, I like him!!!

  9. I hope you had a great time tonight, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!Good question, but my answer would be too long to say.


  10. Ken
    I need an intervention cat at my place, too. I've got about 30 extra pounds I need to shed. I guess I'll just have to eat less and excercise more for my intervention. Ugh, how boring!

  11. Good one Ken. I've been grateful for those who have stopped me in my hasty forward motion and made me think clearly about what I was doing.

    Thanks - The vagabond

  12. In my case I tend to multitask too much at one time, in the end it only slows me down and I don't get as much planned as I originally wanted. So these days I've got my hands in fewer projects and I'm able to give more to those things. (Hugs)Indigo

  13. The cat picture is a hoot! Is there one that will stop my husband from farting in bed? We need a gas intervention!

  14. In the UK we are obessed with Health and Safety,the checks I had to do every day even befoe we opened for buisness plus risk assesments, and still people do silly stuff which causes accidents, just a little though before taking on a task can make a big difference.


  15. In home health care, dong things right the first time is essential. We have a yearly meeting to reinforce this way of working. Not only do we have ourselves to worry about, but the client above all else.
    :) Leigh


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