Nov 23, 2008

Home Gym Project, Complete :o)

Today, the project was to finish building the weight machine (far left, only 150lb weight stack, but provides a good variety for home). This machine had three separate cables, one for legs, one for butterfly, and one for the overhead. The instructions were good, and it was not to difficult.

From this view, you can see the window to the back eleven acres, plus the TV and Radio.

Only thing left is to finish putting some new outlets in, as cannot put the heaters on high since they are on the same circuit as the living room. I came up short by ten feet in cable, but the new outlets are installed, just some connections left after Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a good day (I watched Da Bears win as I puttered in the garage :o)


  1. Great job on the weight machine! I'm looking forward to starting to use it, although I don't think I'll be getting to the point where 150 pounds isn't enough. ;) The only exercise where I could lift that much was the leg press, and that's not an option on this machine.

    It will be fun to get into a routine! Thanks, Hon!


  2. Wish I had the space! Looks like a great room and equipment. Mine is all yard sale but very doable- problem there is a piece in every room! Dannelle

  3. It looks great just wish I had the space, not that I use the gym as much as I


  4. Wow that looks nice, reminds me that I need to workout more.

  5. Hi Bucko,
    Nice looking gym. I guess I can't really relate. I only recently discovered my condo complex has a gym (only based on the fact that the condo board asked whether I could arrange to get a flat screen TV for it ...). Until then, I had no idea we even had a gym at all ... and now that I know, I'm trying my utmost to forget.

  6. Congrats on the Bears win today.
    Hugs, Joyce

  7. Dear Ken and Beth,
    Happy thanksgiving!
    Ken your new room looks fabulous! You made the construction sound effortless! lol!
    You are terrific!

  8. your Gym looks great ~ wouldn't mind one like that myself ~ Ally x

  9. Looks good. Mines in the basement with a TON of dust on it. ;)

    Congrats on the Bears win.....Go Steelers!


  10. I have the XR45 and it is a gem to assmeble I love the gym I am so jealious

  11. OSU destroyed Michigan. My 20 yr old went and LOVED the game.
    The first thought i had when seeing that pic was where is the radio for Beth? What a cool weight room!

  12. And I hear Beth tightened a bolt or two, right?

  13. Looks really good, Ken. Hope you two get a lot of use out of the home gym.


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