Oct 31, 2008

Be Scared, Very, Very Scared :o)

The market is enough to spook even the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls lately.
Wishing you all the best during these difficult times, and that you can enjoy the weekend. On a positive note, the market closed up 11% this week. Celebrate by having fun :o)


  1. Oh that is good about the market. I've been so removed from the news lately. Avoiding politics...lol
    Not many trick or treaters here so I'm reading blogs while I wait. lol

  2. Happy Halloween. We haven't had one trick or treater! I'm so disapointed!

  3. Not as many trick or treaters as years past here. Oh well more the candy for me.

  4. Looks like Mr. Skellie is waiting for the market to rebound! He could be in for a long wait, as could the rest of us.


  5. This little piggy went to market...and hog bellies went up by two points! Sorry couldn't resist. Love you meez! Dannelle

  6. I used to market quality investments for Smith Barney / PFS Investments about 10 years ago. Now days I am telling all my friends to hunker down and save cash, silver and gold..lol. AS a serious bible student I KNOW that things will get worse and more scary no matter who is elected even though I will vote 'conservative.' |If B. Hussein Obama wins-- I feel that we will be that much closer to the Lord's return.

    Tom S


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