Oct 16, 2008

Happy Boss's Day :o)

Whether you are a "boss," or an employee, I hope you had reason to celebrate today.

When I arrived today, I had a card on my keyboard from my team. It was an "Office" card with the saying "Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." We love The Office, and I have a magnet set on my filing cabinet. It made me laugh.

On our calendars, the section managers had a meeting with our department manager, with the subject line being an "accountability" meeting, which was very clever. We recently had a Department Clock Reset (a human performance performance measure) dealing with Managers performing field observations. We thought this was real. Turns out our department had arranged a lunch for our department manager and us other managers in group. We had sandwiches, chips and dips, veggies, a shrimp salad, and more desserts than you could shake a stick at. It was a very nice gesture, and is shows how we are coming together as a team. It was very enjoyable.

Hope you had a great Thursday :o)


  1. I hope my comment thing is off , please email me if it isn't because I hate them, I am behind on bloggs so this could be a long comment , I love your blog because you explain things a lot better than the media and it scares me that big brother is watching , then again I am me so what the hell, I also wanted to say thank you for all the work you do for habitant for humanity it is one of the few charities I still believe in ,and I know that those families would have no other way to obtain the homes they deserve. your co-worker is a wonderful person.

  2. The cards you got were so great! What a nice, and unexpected, thing for all the team members to do for you and the other bosses. Very cool!

  3. That is really awesome, I am happy that you had a good boss' day!

    be well...

  4. HAPPY BOSS'S DAY BIG GUY. Sounds like you had a pleasant day at work. It's nice to be recognized huh?
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. Happy B-lated Boss Day, and good for you that your team thought of you like that!


  6. It is so important for the management team to gel as a team. When there is discord, the subordinates know, and if the mucky mucks aren't on the same page, how can they lead? (sorry didn't mean to call you a mucky muck!)

  7. I own my company and I'm the boss. Fortunately I also the employee, so I'm taking me to AREA 51 tonight.


  8. Kevin and his fellow employess got their boss a case of beer! Of course, they had to wait until after hours to give it to him.

  9. what a sweet thing they did; little things like that are great to raise morale and help people come together to work better together; neat!


  10. I got a card from my secretary, ooops, she is my "assistant"...it was a nice gesture and I appreciated it.


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