Oct 1, 2008


Today was an awesome day. Fairly quiet morning. Based on some safety incidents and injuries over the last several months, we have implemented a new Dynamic Learning Activity (DLA). You get some classroom training (five hours, OMG :o) on safety, that includes how to coach others that are not practicing expectations, and then a 1-2 hour practical. I had my practical this morning, and passed (phew :o)

After that, and a little of this, I headed out to our Habitat for Humanity house. Today, I had the opportunity to hang kitchen cabinets. I learned some great tid-bits to use for the future. I am heading up tomorrow for a full day, and expect to learn how to install kitchen counters and such. It is a great experience, and the future owner was there today (she is only 12 hours shy of meeting her 150 hours of sweat equity). I am a firm and solid believer in Habitat, and plan on making this part of my annual activity profile :o)

Hope your week is going well...


  1. Hi...I got your link from your lovely wife. Glad that I'll be able to check in and find out what's happening in your corner of the world.


  2. I think it's cool that you're going to learn how to install kitchen counters...ours could use an update in the next couple of years...!


  3. I would love to work on a habitat for humanity home!

  4. That is such a good thing you are involved in. AND, like Beth, I think the new skills you are learning will come in handy at your own home.
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. How cool you are involved in a Habitat house. Doug & I thought about helping out with one but as of yet we haven't done so. I know we would enjoy it.

  6. Thanks for the plug Ken and the comment about my name change. I shall try to rectify....somehow, in this foreign land of Spot.

  7. Habitat is big in my Ohio city. Whenever the home is finished the media is always there. You sound pretty handy around a house!


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