Oct 4, 2008

Saturday Football - A good day

The fighting Illini (my Alma Mater) did some as* kicking against Michigan today. This is the biggest game for me, even bigger than the national championship, because I dislike Michigan due to Illinois and Notre Dame. So, Go ILLINI :o)

On a separate note, the Fighting Irish had an okay victory over Stanford today. They should have put it away, but let it be close. Bottom line, they are now 4-1. Go IRISH.


  1. Great job for the Illini. A little disappointing that the Irish let it get closer than it should have been, but a win is a win!


  2. I saw the ND score.. actually saw the very end of the game.. was there a fight or something? It looked like it was being broke up as I turned it on.

  3. Stick me in the heart why don't ya???? ;) My Hubby graduated from Michigan, so a loss today made this a grumpy little apartment!! LOL! No, he really did expect it, since this is a rebuilding year...but still, it is never a good day for me when The Woverines lose, I mean this man takes these games to HEART, as I'm sure you do, also! What is fun (NOT!) is our daughter graduated from Michigan State, so there is always jousting going on between the two of them. The best moment though came when we went to to State to see a Glee Club performance she was in, and we had to stand for the State Song....OMG!!! At first, I really didn't think he was gonna stand, but after the wife "glare" he did, but he hung his head, and said "Oh,the shame"!! LMAO! You guys and your Alama Mater :) I AM glad you had a good day, though.

    Pooh Hugs,

  4. UT is not doing too well this year. They used to be a killer team but have lost their way in the last year or two. I'm setting up for the Titan game at noon tomorrow. 4 and 0. I hope they keep the momentum going.
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. I see your blog being followed by some of my buds so I am visiting and am now following too. I think your job is interesting. I'm an HR Mgr. at an envelope plant. lol
    Have a good Sunday.


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