Oct 26, 2008

Weekday Boy :o)

Another long day today, same as yesterday (12+ plus the commute :o)

We ate during the third quarter, of the Penn State vs. Ohio State (yuk!) last night, because ND was doing so well, that the second string was in [doing the happy dance]. Sorry Mark - I am happy to say that Penn State pulled out the victory.

This morning, after only four hours sleep, I headed off to work with my glasses vs. the contacts (eyes were still asleep :o). We are early in our outage, so we are not paying for Sunday (double time for the craft), and it was very slow. We counted off the hours (hey Chuck, only 5 hours to go, Ken - stop it LOL, you get the picture). I actually got a lot of work done today.

So, as you head into the beginning of your work week, I head into a two day off situation. So, I applaud you in advance as you get up when the alarm sounds, and I will read you when I get up in the morning :o)


  1. Nothing like that Monday morning feeling especially when you don't have to get up...lol

    Enjoy your days off


  2. Two days off, yahoooo! :)


  3. Enjoy your days off!

    be well....

  4. Take it easy!


  5. I didn't get a sundae from Giradelli but they did pass out the chocolate during the marathon!! It was awesome to eat chocolate while running! Linda

  6. Man, that was a disappointing end to that game ... I was dozing in and out of it and didn't find out the final score until late ...

    Enjoy your time off. As much work as you do around the property, you should sleep in!

  7. gee Ken why the long hours? when do you get a break?
    I'll be thinking of you..hang in there


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