Oct 27, 2008

Civic Duty, 4 Acre Wood, Shopping Score

It felt cozy to stay in bed this morning (I did wake up at 3:00 A.M., but blissfully rolled over and went back to sleep). I slept in until 8:30 A.M., and while that may not seem like much, that is five more hours than I got the last two nights.

After getting caught up with our Spotters, we determined to head out to do our civic duty. We voted today, so I will start to tune out the political ads. Alas, methinks that my other half may still have a thing or two to say about the pending election. We only had to wait about 15 minutes, and then it was off to fill in the little ovals.

With the demise of our local second hand exercise equipment sales store, we figured we had three stops to make. We were lucky to miss the rain (this morning), the blustery wind (late morning and early afternoon), and the hail and sleet (while we were at the mall). Yesterday, the wind was blowing so hard off the lake that we needed to have walk downs at the plant to secure equipment and material (flying material and power lines do not mix well). I was kidding some of my coworkers about it being like 100 Acre Wood. Beth and I were discussing this last night, and with our grass area (about 3 acres) and our marsh (about 4 acres), we figure we have a 4 Acre Wood :o)

Our Journey: First was a discount sporting goods store, Dunhams Sports. They carry a lot of one-off merchandise, that is, a new model comes out to replace the old model, and discount sporting goods stores such as Dunhams carry the older models. We perused their selection, then headed to the local Mall, with a twofold mission, get our wedding bands inspected and cleaned (a free service when you purchase at Rogers and Holland jewelers) and to check out the exercise equipment store. The first part of our mission was uneventful (and Beth's little rock sparkled), but the second half was thwarted by yet another exercise equipment store closure. I feel there may be a conspiracy (or is it more an symbol of what we no longer value). Our last planned stop was at Dick's (keep it out of the gutter here folks :o), another sporting goods store. We found their selection to be very limited for such a large store (that has a huge Internet selection by the way) and overpriced. I did have a $50 gift card from a work sponsored wellness program drawing that I was selected for, and picked up a multi-position all-purpose bench (sitting for shoulder workouts, angled and flat for chest workouts, and reverse inclined for abs).

After our planned stops, it was back to Dunhams to purchase the best selections we came across. We got a multi-purpose weight machine, that uses weight stacks that are easy to adjust simply by moving the pin. We learned last week that when there is a 12" difference in heights, it is important to actually try the machines, because the Pro-Weider machines as Sears do not accommodate those of a smaller stature :o) It has enough variety to get good workout in. We already have a recumbent bike and a treadmill, so we wanted to round out our aerobic equipment with an elliptical machine (it is easy to get bored doing aerobic workouts, so having a variety is important). All told, we only spent $800 today, because everything was either on sale or on clearance. A health club membership would eat that up in less than a year, so I feel we were very frugal today.

The trickiest part of the day was getting it all in the back of Blue. The elliptical machine was on clearance, meaning that we had had to take the floor model, and that does not stand up in a truck with a cap on the back. I worked up quite a sweat getting the elliptical machine and boxes for the weight machine in. I had to leave the tailgate down and tie the box upright. We drove home with the flashers on. Rant Alert: What kind of &#%@#$ idiot, instances of both male and female drivers mind you, tailgates you when you have a box hanging out the back, the flashers are blaring, and you are going no faster than 30 mph? End of Rant.

Hope the start of your week was smooth as silk :o)


  1. A thing or two to say about the election? Moi?

    A productive afternoon, happy to be home and watch the crummy weather from indoors!


  2. Looks as if you two are planning to get in shape. Oh I'm sure you young people are already in shape. I'm still hitting the Curves three times a week and just can't make anymore then that. Stay warm

  3. sounds pretty complicated!
    ummm you had fun getting all of that equipment yes?
    If so, big Congrats!
    yes I can see it was hard to get it all in!

  4. I'm sorry, I just had to laugh at your rant. I've had a few "idiot driver" encounters lately, myself. People are just in a hurry!
    We had a potluck weather day, rain, sleet, snow, sun, wind. Take your pick! More snow flurries tonight.
    Have fun with all your new exercise equipment!
    :) Leigh

  5. glad you guys got a chance to get out and vote :)

    WTG on finding some great exercise equipment!! we actually joined Fitness 19 gym; our dues (for both of us) are $29 a month so that's roughly $360 a year; its neat because we can vary the aerobic machines plus the weights; no frill gym with no showers so we work out early then come home to shower before hubby goes to work

    enjoy exercising!


  6. I love tailgaters....the closer they get the more I slow down, Sooner or later they get it, or get mad, or both. I always have my little brother with me so I really don't care. One would assume that with the equipment hanging out of the rear of the truck and the flashers ablaze, passing would be the proper move. Therein lies the error...one doesn't add stupidity into the equation.


  7. I LOVE elliptical machines.That is the first thing I do at the gym. I always hope that whatever hotel I stay in has one, too. I have used several different kinds now, and each one is great. Enjoy yours!

  8. Ken:

    What would the world be like without rude drivers? I see it every day with MJ in the truck, and they don't care for anything but themselves!

    Good for you guys on getting the exercise equipment! I love to workout, but MJ is my biggest exercise right now! I still do some things, but mainly jog or walk.

    Please have a good day tomorrow!


  9. I'm worn out just looking at all that exercise equipment! Think I'd better go lie down.


  10. What is blue? I am just wondering because we have an F250 diesel and my husband calls it Big Blue! Linda

  11. Sounds like a productive day all around. I wish our place had a bit more space, I'd like to add an elliptical machine. Mac and I go to the gym for the weights.. it's on post and free to us. One of the better benefits of militarylife.


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