Oct 2, 2008

Habitat Part Deux

Today, I had the opportunity to spend the entire day at our Habitat build. It was great. The home-owner-to-be was there again today (Habitat requires sweat equity, and she is only 12 hours away from meeting her commitment). I discussed briefly tonight with Beth, and we are going to go to the dedication on October 11th.

Today, I had the chance to learn how to install faux tile floors (not ceramic tile, but the 1/8" sticky type, but we also put down the same paste that is used for ceramic tiles), to do door trim, and installation of counter-tops and a new sink. We also connected the water and electric for the dishwasher, and installed the range hood and connected the electric. I also installed the trim around the attic access hole to make it blend in (it was very rough before I started).

It has been such a fun and educational experience to really get involved this year with Habitat. As each year goes by, I will ensure that I can devote more and more time. It is a great cause for a great charity, and a deserving home-owner-to-be :o)


  1. I think it will be neat to go to a dedication. Gee, do you think I'll cry?



  2. Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the link!! You're bookmarked, and I'll send you my blogspot soon!!


  3. Hi Ken,
    What a great thing Habitat is...and to be at the dedication will be so moving & rewarding.How many people typically are there building, and are you assigned to a certain place or just show up? Bless you for your service...

    Pooh Hugs,

  4. Good job Ken. Kudos to you.
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. Ken,
    What a wonderful thing Habitat is, and for you deciding to be a part of it. My wife and I have been discussing doing that, or something similar! Right now I my time is mostly spent with my daughter. I will look into it to see how to get started.

    Blessed Be- Wes

  6. I'm not sure who this comment is going to, blogspot still has me baffled. Someone suggested that we could use the name JLand. I don't know. Maybe it's best to leave by-gones gone. We are the same tribe but at a new watering hole. I am trying to set up who I follow, but why it won't let me insert my photo is a mystery. DB

  7. You know, when we do things like this we actually get more out of it than the recipients do. Good on ya!


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