Oct 7, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts :o)


Blogger sure has created a new dimension in my after work "ketchup". While AOL e-mails are down, the GoogleReader updates are sure up. It is great to have our little community migrate, and I am pleased that a few more J-Landers made the leap today :o)

Day two of the Dynamic Learning environment was interesting. My second evaluatee was a two month employee who had not worked at a nuclear power plant previously. His initial training provided a good foundation in the fundamentals, but not the details. So I had to "fail" him [sorry Indigo, that is the phrase on the forms we need to complete] for the first attempt. But I spent a lot of time coaching and training him. The rules require that one of the other evaluators perform his remediation, and I am pleased to say that he passed attempt two :o) He was a great person, Midwest born and raised, and we spent a lot of time visiting while we did the evaluation. He shook my and and gave me a big smile at the end, and said, nice to meet you! What a great disposition to have that attitude. He knew he was new, and appreciated the support and coaching more than the stigma of having to go through the evaluation again.

Getting ready for the debate, and I am looking forward to discussion of the economy based on the two day 875 day redux in the market. Always looking for the silver lining, I bought some stock of one of the companies that I am trying to recoup some recent losses from. Will be interesting to see how the next week or two plays out.

Good Night Spotters :o)


  1. The debate is here in Nashville tonight and I am NOT watching! I'll hear enough tomorrow. lol Nothing said will change my vote anyway. Have a nice night.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on Wildcat's Lair...very funny stuff.

  3. I'm not watching the debate. Nothing either canidate has to say as this point of the game will change who I'm voting for. Enjoy your night!

  4. couldn't bring myself to do the debate tonight.. my mind is made up. I love the cutback on mail.. it's nice ::grin:: I find getting to entries thru the reader is easier and faster

  5. Fun watching the debate with you, as always! Nothing was broken, and I managed to keep the epithets to a minimum. ;)


  6. Ken,

    Thanks for the nice comments on my baseball story. Sorry I made you cry, but you should have seen the three of US that day!!! I remember it like it was yesterday.

    What a nice guy you are! The way you are speaking of those you're evaluating speaks volumes to your character! Proud to know ya!

  7. The debate was in my territory tonight (Nashville) and I thought about not watching (the same old, same old) but I did. While nothing said changed my mind, I do think your candidate was more composed than mine. That's all I'll give you and Beth though...lol.
    Hugs, Joyce

  8. hope you say something about the debate since Beth hasn't yet; I was hoping she would since I didn't watch it

    hope your Wednesday is a good one :)


  9. I wanted to comment on the picture of "The Thinker"from the last entry. I had a chance to see it, and other works by Auguste Rodin, when I was a kid, thanks for bringing back fond memories.

    Have a pleasant tomorrow.


  10. I think the migration was a good thing. It just shows we can maintain community no matter where we are


  11. I think we've done a great job of switching over to blogger. I'm getting use to no e-mail alerts.
    'On Ya' - ma

  12. I bailed on the debate too - I've heard them talk and I don't know that they can add anything new. Nice to hear someone has a good attitude even when things don't neccesarily go their way, he sounds like a class act.

  13. I am wondering how much prior work experience in the field the cat you were training has? He isn't a greenie is he? New to the process of working in a facility like yours?

  14. hey I found you thanks for leaving your blog addy for me

  15. Your not kidding about playing ketchup over here...slowly but surely. The nice thing is so far everyone has passed the second go around. I know it's the word on the form, it's just derogative. Then again we survived the the grading system in school. (Hugs)Indigo

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  17. What a great day for the the evaluatee, getting you to help & guide him through things...I'm sure your kindness will not be forgotten.

    I watched the debate for a while, but I got so tired of each of them playing the blame card...I don't care how many times someone voted for or against anything, just tell me how YOU are going to fix it!

    Marv & I voted by absentee ballot a couple of days ago because we will be in the air flying home the day of the election, so I just mainly watched to be able to converse with people and know what I was talking about :)

    Pooh Hugs,

  18. I clicked on the blue striped cat! Cool site.

    Glad you were able to transfer all your journals. I had to do it a couple of times but I managed to get it done.



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