Oct 13, 2008

Big Brother :o)

I am here to tell you, that multiple "Big Brothers" are watching :o)

Several weeks ago, I was having a conversation with an acquaintance of mine from some nuclear industry meetings, and he mentioned that he had "come across my blog" [when it was on AOL], and appreciated the passion of my writing. Beth and I laughed about that at the time and I said that could be an idea for an entry. Time passed and so did the idea.

So today, while discussing plans for an upcoming activity with our communications manager, I asked him if he would be interested in pictures from the Habitat Dedication, and that I had put some of them into a little movie.

His response was, "Sure, I saw them over the weekend."

My response was, "I don't recall telling you about my blog!" He stated that he has Google Alerts set up so that any time Cook N**lear Pl**nt is mentioned, he gets a notification. So B., if you get a Google alert even when I put special characters in, please let me know (rrrriiiiiigggggghhhhhtttt).

So, the lesson learned is to know that there are people out there that monitor what you write. I know that any time I mention nuclear power via NEI, or my nuclear plant, that someone will be reading and watching. Of course, I always strive for the high road, and would never do anything to compromise my industry, my profession, my company, or my family.

I just found the whole situation a little creepy and unsettling. The things we like about our electronic community also create the ability and environment for those with hidden or not-so-hidden agendas to carry out their objectives.


  1. Kind of like your ex-husbands wife stalking you...Wise reminder. You never know who may be reading. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. When isn't Big Brother watching over us, whether we like it or not!! Enjoyed the visit.


  3. Oh geesh I don't know that I would like that too much either. Funny you mention this, today I was talking to my secretary about journals and blogs and she asked about mine, the phone rang so she answered and I ignored the question. She wants to start a blog. I guess I would be mean if I chose not to tell her where I am. I just don't want her and my employees looking at my blog so I understand where you are coming from. I'll know what you are referencing if I see )(^%$&^* or something like that. lol

  4. Strange that you didn't know before, you must be on their "list!" Seriously, we knew it was coming and the technology has been around for a while, but it sucks when it hits home. Come and get me you cyber stalkers, JUST KIDDING!!!! Love to Everyone oout there! Dannelle

  5. Sheesh... that sucks... now you can't tell us what you REALLY think! LOL

    be well...

  6. I try to never say (or write) anything that may come back to haunt me. It's a strange new world we are living in. My parents would be amazed.
    Hugs, Joyce

  7. Very interesting subject in your blog today. I have to stop and think sometime that my daughters may be reading my blog.

  8. Kind of like whenever I write about my secret boyfriend Vladimir Putin I get a blog visit from Moscow.



  9. very interesting!! I'm sure there are lots of people following our blogs that we aren't aware of for varieties of reasons; that is why I'm so very careful what I write as far as privacy and post no pictures of family members except for Koda


  10. Lots of people from work read my blog, and while I maintain the same ethics code re: writing about work, it just plain sucks. There are so many anecdotes I'd love to share but can't . . a pity.
    good entry.


  11. I really like that NeoWidget thingie...b/c you tell where Big Brother is. lol

  12. hi ken, thanks for stopping by my blog today. If big brother wants to read my blog then fine, could they please leave a comment and let my family know where i am coz they don't visit!!!
    take care
    mrs t xx

  13. Maybe those MIB are out there and they are watching....... I didn't know an individual could look for alerts. I suppose that we are all being watched. Every time out are out and about there are cameras out there. Your house can be viewed via the spies in the sky.


  14. ::shiver::
    Thanks for reminding us!

  15. Hi Ken... I think this is my first comment in your blog! This entry reminded me of my experience two days ago. I was in My Profile here at Blogger. Beside location was my city and state. I clicked on the city, which was linked. I didn't know what it was linked to, but found it to be a list of 20 other people living in my home city. That was really weird. I didn't know there were that many folks from my area of residence who were blogging at blogger. ANd those are just the ones who are listed as bloggers! Yes, people are watching, reading, learning from us. Always best to take the high road. Words that help people grow are better than words that tear people down any day. I'll be a regular visitor now. How did you get the name Bucko???

  16. Yeah, it is kind of creepy, but with technological advancement comes an exposure-look at how much more of the world I get to see and how much more world gets to see me.
    ::shrugs shoulders::
    :) Leigh

  17. Abort! Abort! Alpha Zebra striper!
    Thet are on to us all! I repeat Abort, Abort!

    This is the end of my transmision.
    Now this where I put a Ha Ha, so THEY know I'm kidding!

    Have a great day!
    The Man Who Knew Too Little

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  19. WOW that is just creepy! Guess we better watch what we say eh? Makes me wonder if my rants about NAIS were being monitered! Hmmmm Kelly

  20. WOW that is just creepy! Guess we better watch what we say eh? Makes me wonder if my rants about NAIS were being monitered! Hmmmm Kelly


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