Oct 11, 2008

Habitat Home Dedication Ceremony

We had a very pleasant late morning/early afternoon. We headed to Benton Harbor Michigan for the Home Dedication Ceremony of the Habitat for Humanity house that AEP/Cook Nuclear Plant build. Habitat is awesome because it is faith based, has partner companies, requires sweat equity (300 hours by the family), and requires the family to pay the mortgage. They really do own the home in multiple ways.

Addendum: Beth reminded me to let you know that there are at least 20 homes in this Habitat community, a new endeavor to do a whole neighborhood versus just individual houses. In addition, I want to mention we had 137 individual volunteers this year, and if you thing they contributed a minimum of four hours each, that is a lot of hours :o)

This is my second year, but first time going to the dedication. It was very uplifting and inspiring. The agenda was as follows:


Opening Prayer

Sponsor Remarks

Welcome Basket

Thank You Volunteers

Presentation of Bible/Home Dedication

Presentation of Keys

Reflections from the Family

Closing Remarks

Closing Prayer

We arrived at 11:50 A.M., and I dropped off a baby basket that one of my co-workers asked me to deliver. It was anonymous, as she said it is not important who it was from, it is for the Mom and Baby. That really touched me when my co-worker said that to me. And with that in mind, that was our mode of operation today. We went, we experienced, and we left. I did introduce Beth to a few people who I have mentioned to her because they inspire me, but we avoided making the rounds. We were on the road again by 12:30 P.M.

This is not about the volunteers or individuals, it is about the family and their new beginning. Below are the highlights I was able to capture. If you get a fraction of the warmth and happiness that we did from watching the images, then the objective of this post will have been achieved.


  1. I have to say, that was one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. What really touched me was when Shareeta said that in her family, people just don't own homes. She's the first in her family to own one.

    It was also cool when the head of the Benton Harbor branch of Habitat thanked AEP and Cook Plant so warmly, and said that they are an example of a company that cares about their communities.

    You also didn't mention that this house was in a neighborhood of Habitat homes! Maybe 20 or so? They were working on other houses even during this ceremony! Great organization, and yay for AEP and yay for you for participating!


  2. Beth told me about the ceremony in email earlier today. Yes, the images did indeed give me a warm feeling. I know that feeling of having a home of your own for the first time, feeling safe and able to call something yours. I think it's incredible you and your company participate in Habitat. Thank you for being the person you are! (hugs)Indigo

  3. Habitat is one of the few organizations I donate to. Such a worthwhile cause/effort.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    :) Leigh

  4. a very worthy cause!! so neat to be part of it!!


  5. Such a great cause...and the images are very moving. Benton Harbor isn't very far from me...maybe an hour.

    Pooh Hugs,

  6. Sounds like you had a good day. Our youth group at our old church helps every year with Habitat.
    The stocks are depressing.

  7. Ironically, there was an article in this mornings' local paper. One day, a volunteer was questioning why he was even doing this. It was a day when everything just went wrong. He was making mistakes, others were making mistakes. He happened to look up and there were some neighborhood kids riding bikes and playing ball --then it hit him...thats why he was doing this. What a worthwhile project!

  8. Ahhh Benton Harbor, that is where my mom was born........memories...Linda

  9. Thanks, you reminded me of the goodness we have inside of us! Now if we all did our share, wouldn't this be a wonderful world?! Dannelle

  10. Very nice - I can only imagine how good they felt having their own home. It's amazing what people can do when they come together. well done.

  11. that's beautiful Buck o!
    way to go!

  12. Sounds like an awesome dedication! It's really something that there's a whole neighborhood of them. Habitat is an example of the giving nature of Americans at it's finest!


  13. Good Cause!
    Good People!
    And Good for you!


  14. Hi Ken, came via your wife. She gave me the link to your journal. This is truly a touching entry. People like these folks really appreciate their home. Wonderful work, habitat for humanity is a wonderful thing. Kelly

  15. Such a great thing, to give your time and energy to helping someone out. Shereeta and her little family can now look forward from their own home, and that is a big thing. Wishing the best for her and her children!


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