Oct 5, 2008

Early NFL Results

Early Games result in Da Bears winning, the Colts winning (in an ugly manner, but a W is a W), and - for Joyce, the Titans remain undefeated.

Hope you are all having a great Sunday :o)


  1. Hi Ken,
    Thanks the visit.
    I have to say, I don't really follow any sport other than basketball. Although there is usually a football or soccer, or, my fav, basketball game on in our house 'cuz my oldest boy is always watching some sport!

  2. I see the Giants won today too! I read your comment about archive journal and that will be great as long as AOL doesn't delete them!

  3. I couldn't believe the Colts pulled it off...I thought they were beat for sure, but 3 TD's in the fourth quarter...WOOHOOO!


  4. Colts pulled it off.. way to go. Bills went down today.. as did Edwards on the 3rd offensive play of the game. OUCH! Oh well.... never thought they'd go undefeated. Bye next week and hopefully it will help them get back on track and Trent can come back. No 4th quarter come back for us this week :(

  5. Hi Ken, thanks for stopping by my site. Your site is awesome...

    If it wasn't for my boyfriend, Bob, I would be clueless to this sports gig. Following sports for guys is like shopping for shoes for gals, I guess. It's in the wiring (lol). -Karen

  6. thanks for stopping by; I'll follow you as I can :)

    I know I can always find out what's going on in your neck of the woods through Beth :)

    enjoy the week ahead :)


  7. I was at my Mom's today and Marv was at the two places his parents are at, so not game watching today....

    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Pooh Hugs,

  8. hi ken your new blog looks great!
    my new blogs are
    take care
    mrs t xx

  9. Hello :) I've come over to you via Danelle's Blog and a few others LOL.
    We watched the Cowboys - Cincinnati game yesterday, it was rather good but I'm no true judge as to good football LOL ~ one of the other sports I watch is Women's Basketball ~ the Tennessee Vol's are our fav's.
    I will enjoy reading about your experiences with Habitat for Humanity.
    Blessings, Teresa

  10. I'm not much into pro football...they hit so hard!! Glen will have a game on, and I'll say, "why'd he have to hit him THAT hard"...like they want to hurt each other! Guess thats the nature of the beast! Oh, and I'm one of those who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials!

  11. AWWWW...Thanks for mentioning my team Ken. I can't believe they have done this well this year. I'm stoked as you can tell. Kinda of surprised at the Indiana. Glad they pulled it out yesterday though (for Beth and my step-son).
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. Please note my blogger address is now:


    I had to change it in order for the migration to apply.

    Hugs, Rose


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