Jan 16, 2010

Toast This Morning?

Engineers have spent 15 years perfecting the £160 Magimix Vision Toaster, which has double insulated clear glass on both sides giving a panoramic view of each slice as it cooks.

After years of testing and creating five versions of the product, Magimix finally settled on a finished version of the toaster which made the toast look like it was hovering last year.

It has been initially launched at five John Lewis stores in the UK this month, and is expected to be rolled out across other stores nationwide later this year.

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  1. They spent a lot of time on a toaster! If they make it to the states I might have to get one.
    I wish you and Beth a great weekend! It will be if the Colts win, right? P&L Wes

  2. If that's their business models -- investing fifteen years of R&D to launch a $200 toaster that makes bread look like its floating -- they're toast.

  3. How did we live without this toaster? :-)

  4. Fifteen years?
    I wouldn't wait fifteen minutes for a piece of toast.

  5. 15 years???? I don't think I would bother to buy it and stick with my pop up which works just fine.........

  6. Sometimes, people don't get it. I am sure that the folks who put in all the thought and effort are proud of their results! Every discovery doesn't have to cure cancer or ease global warming for someone to work hard and feel that they have added to the world.

  7. I would have never thought there was anything wrong with the "old" type of toaster!!! Although...my pop tarts would look cute in there, I guess. :)

  8. All this time and research on a toaster? Wow. I'll hang with my Sunbeam. It's circa 1950 something, chrome outside, two-slicer. Perfection!!

  9. I wonder if they got any government funding to develop this toaster... lol


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