Jan 3, 2010

Da Bears Win :o)

Up and at 'em at 6:00 AM, and on the road at 7:00.  The buses left at about 8:15 (a few straglers).

At that early of a morning, it was pretty low key on the trip up, mostly low keyed talking.  I read the morning paper.  Folks started popping cans at about 10:00 AM.  We arrived at Ford Field about 11:15 AM, and once we got inside, who wudda thunk that there was no alcohol before noon. 

Somehow, we managed to survive, and had a few beers before we headed to our seats.  It was pretty much a non-game for both teams, but it was fun anyway - especially since Da Bears Won :o)

The trip back was mostly snoozeville, and the drive back home was interesting with the Lake Effect snow.

Hope you had a great Sunday, I know we did.


  1. I know you two had a good time! Sometimes bus trips can be the best I find. You can relax and let the driving to someone else. When I used to live in Harrisburg, I used to the bus all the time to vist David in New York, but that was before I found out trains had a drinking car!!!

  2. welcome to michigan on a sunday! glad you had a safe trip.



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