Jan 4, 2010

Ganja Pie Anyone :o)

This article tickled my funny bone, making me snicker under my breath :o)  Our good ol' free market society working in overdrive.  Make sure you scour the menu for ingredients before you order.

What do you get when you mix the culinary skills of Emeril Lagasse with a favorite ooey-gooey treat of the 70s (AKA pot-laced brownies)? The Ganja Gourmet, of course.  Now those with a prescription for cannabis don't have to limit their choices to smoking or brownies. A Denver entrepreneur has opened a medical marijuana eatery named Ganja Gourmet. And that's not the only place those in and around the mile-high city can go for marijuana-infused foods like pizza, hummus and lasagna. A Caribbean restaurant across town has plans to hold classes on sprinkling, dashing and pouring a bit of mellowing weed into multi-course meals.

Sun-loving Southern Californians can tune into a low-budget TV show called "Cannabis Planet" for tips to cook with marijuana and create mouth watering and munchie-inducing dishes like teriyaki chicken, shrimp capellini and steak sandwiches.

I think the video below shows how eating such fare could impact you :o)

Ironically, some say these establishments are good for curbing obesity. After all, teriyaki chicken can have a lot less fat than brownies. Marijuana meals, some say, are also better on your respiratory health since you're not smoking -- and thus inhaling.  "When I started using marijuana, I was eating a brownie every day. I gained a ton of weight," Michael DeLao, a former hotel chef who hosts the "Cannabis Planet" cooking segments on Los Angeles' KJLA told the Associated Press. "Then I learned how to really cook with marijuana, and once more people learn about all the possibilities, we're going to see a lot more people wanting this in their food."

Just don't get any ideas of strolling into the Ganja Gourmet and ordering one of their pot pizzas. To get served, you've got to show a medical marijuana card proving a doctor says pot can cure whatever happens to ail you.

Unlike a box of brownie mix, one of Ganja's pizzas will set you back a few coins, $89 to be exact. "It's not like you'd eat the whole thing in one sitting. You can have leftovers," says Shepard. But since an ounce of marijuana is said to cost anywhere from $100 to $500 an ounce, depending on strength, taste and patient preference, $89 can seem like a bargain.

Wallet Pop: Gina Roberts-Grey is a freelance writer specializing in health, celebrity and consumer issues.


  1. somehow the idea of mixing betty crocker/ top chef and sparking it up at the same time is really funny to me but maybe that's just because it's WAY TOO EARLY to be awake :D


  2. Could you imagine the possiblities..? I wonder if the Astoria Bakery could lace their cookies with THAT what would have become of me..?

  3. I know that the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is a serious subject, but I'm with you Ken, this article has given me an attack of the giggles. The video is a good illustration of what to expect after dining on these delicacies.

  4. But wouldn't you just eat more?


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