Jan 9, 2010

$2.3B in Clean Energy Credits

If you saw President Obama's news conference yesterday, you learned of a program to try and create 17,000 green jobs, with programs developed to spur even more clean energy jobs moving forward.  The premise to not have America fall behind in this technological race. 

For Nuclear Power, below is an announcement made yesterday, directly related to the new program.

ALSTOM RECEIVED $63 MILLION AND THE SHAW GROUP GOT $10.8 MILLION in tax credits as part of a $2.3 billion US government stimulus program aimed at boosting clean energy manufacturing. The DOE announced the awards, which were part of the Recovery Act Advanced Manufacturing Tax Credits program, on January 8. Alstom and subsidiaries will use the support to establish a Chattanooga, Tennessee facility to build steam turbines of up to 1700 MW for use in advanced nuclear reactors. Shaw got the tax credit for its new Lake Charles, Louisiana facility, which assembles structural, piping and equipment modules for Westinghouse's AP1000 reactor.


  1. Sounds promising. We should do more (financial support) for clean, free energy. We produce very little in this country and this is a great opportunity to actually become #1 in production of something. This is worthwhile, necessary, and timely. So of course, the Repubs will want to stop us from doing it! They'd rather support Big Oil, as that's how their bread is greased.

  2. This does sound promising, I agree with Stan. When I worked for Coldwater Creek they run their stores from what I understand from power only from windmills. They were a pretty green company.


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