Jan 26, 2010

Science Scene - Fresh Water Salmon Farming

A new aquaculture technology that raises Pacific salmon in closed, freshwater systems has received a strong endorsement from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a leader in the sustainable seafood movement. The technology, developed by Rochester, Wash.-based AquaSeed Corp, features numerous advancements that persuaded the Monterey Bay Aquarium to bestow its “Super Green” label on the

The salmon are raised in closed pens on land, rather than in open net pens near coastlines, eliminating dangers from the spread of disease to wild fish and ending the problem of farmed salmon escaping and breeding with wild salmon. The AquaSeed salmon also are raised in freshwater, as opposed to saltwater, and the company uses Pacific salmon rather than Atlantic salmon — currently the most common pen-reared form of salmon. In addition, through advances in breeding and changes in feed formulas, AquaSeed says it can raise a pound of salmon using roughly a pound of fish food; traditional salmon farms use about four pounds of fish meal to produce one pound of Atlantic salmon. AquaSeed is now producing 200,000 pounds of the salmon a year and plans to expand rapidly, selling to stores such as Whole Foods. Other companies are experimenting with aquaculture far offshore.


  1. Aqua Seed..? How do they get the dirt in the pens without it becoming mud??

    Seriously, what happens when the farmed salmon mixes with the wild salmon?

  2. Morning Ken, Very interesting. Gads I just learned recently that only the Pacific salmon dies after spawning..
    Now you have increased my knowledge more..

    Blessings and hugs coming to you from Brenda AZ

    Love ALBERTA Lori

  3. Many years ago in Washington DC I knew a biologist who was one of the first scientists to investigate fish farming. It sounded like a good idea then. It still sounds like a good idea.

    I once read a story about a man in Asia who lived with his family on a river boat. Under the boat was a big net in which he raised catfish. There was a trap door to get at the fish.

  4. I guess that sounds like a good idea. I'm glad to learn more about it. Thanks.

    I tagged you for a meme. If you have time and want to, the instructions are on my blog. Thanks.

  5. I have a friend who is an aquaculture engineer with a focus on fish. Its super cool stuff... all the hydro-farming stuff is pretty fascinating...

  6. The one to one ratio is a big improvement. I missed this article in my daily reads somehow. Thanks for the post Ken.

  7. I would like to know where can I can purchase the fingerlings of those salmon. I would love to raise my own salmon as I am about to start raising tilapia and bluegill.

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    Thank you in advanced.

  9. hi.
    can anybody send me more info about salmon farming.I want tray to do that myself.Thx and wait your answer.my e-mail is crorobert@yahoo.com


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