Jan 11, 2010

Bucko's Bucks - Compensation and Benefits

Every year, we get a total compensation breakdown report from our company.  As we have been hearing all the dialogue about benefits and compensation with Health Care Reform and Financial Controls, I thought it would be interesting to provide the breakdown for a company that has more than 20,000 workers ranging from union personnel all the way to the CEO.

So how does this $2.5 billion in pay and benefits break down?

Direct Compensation:                    75.7%
Health Care Benefits:                     10.2%
Insurance and Disability Benefits:     1.2%
Retirement Benefits:                      12.3%
Other Comany-Provided Benefits:     0.6%


  1. Seems like a plan for a personal budget as well.

  2. I'm starting to get skeptical about "benefits" these days. Most companies have eliminated pensions, 401Ks are tied to the stock market so are risky, and I've noticed companies are doing everything possible to limit health benefits. With unemployment at record highs, people find themselves fending for themselves ... with a rude awakening when it's time to retire or when they get sick.

  3. Whoa Nellie....direct compensation is HUGE and I bet if you broke this down further it would be interesting to see how much upper mgmt is reaping.


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