Jan 28, 2010

Go for a sail with me...

Leaders are looked upon to steer the ship through the roughest waters - which means knowing where you are, where your're going and the best maneuvers to keep from sinking.

Of course, the waters you are sailing in may make a difference in how you lead.  This is especially true when you get away from the work place, because we are all leaders in one way or another, this forum or that.  Family, church, sports, charities, etc., you get the picture.

So, how do you navigate and what are you the leader of?

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  1. A boxing refree used to say during pre-fight instructions that I am 'firm but fair'. That doesn't mean I am a dictator or a molly coddler. It means that at all times I keep the goal in mind and the belief in the ability to attain the goal and overcome any obstacle.

    Keeping a team's eye fixed on the accomplishing of a goal is something I think I am good at. Establishing the profound belief that what ever it is, we can do it, is something I think I am good at.

    Leadership is also a matter of confidence in yourself and those you have around you. I think that if you really believe in your abilities, then the folks you have around you are people who not only have your confidence, but also are confident in you. The law of attraction demands that like attracts like.

    As many misteps as I have had in my life, I don't think that the kind of people that are a part of my life are there by accident. I think that they are in and around my life because of the potential that I yet have... and that is the supreme test of leadership. Not being able to get others to believe in you, but getting YOU to believe in you!


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