Jan 13, 2010

Bucko's Bucks - The New Frugality?

Profligacy is out. Frugality is in.  The question is, with our consumer driven - want results (i.e., gratification) now society, how long will it last?

Those that are out of work, or have upside down mortgages, pennypinching is the work of the day.  Clipping coupons, watching for sales in the paper, trimming nice-to-have cable and cell phone monthly charges, avoiding ATM fees, brown bag your lunch, and use cruise control (keep off the gas :o).  Of course, these are things that should be done year round by all of us if we really want to get ahead.  I know that we adhere to these pennypinching items.

It is not all about money though.  Going green is a new aspect of contemporary thrift.  The new frugal means reducing our planetary impact as well.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

What are you going to do this year to stretch your greenbacks?


  1. i do what i've always done- don't spend when i don't HAVE too.

    the husband and i also keep going out to eat/ fast food to a minimum, which really makes a difference.

    when we move i am going to be doing the 'seal a meal' route so we can waste less/ plan meals ahead to be both time and cost effective.

    i don't dryclean my work clothes. i wash stuff in cold, hang it to dry and iron as necessary.


  2. I believe in going "Green". I try to do my part. I no longer clean with harsh chemicals. I purchases special cloths to clean with believe it or not water only. I also purchased a steam cleaner to wash my floors.

    I only use my cloth bags when I go shopping to eliminate the plastic bags.

    I cook just about every day of the week. But, one has to go out and socialize once a week anyway to keep your sanity!

  3. We've done, and do, all those things you list. i learned a long time ago, not to spend money you don't have.
    Keep it simple.
    Sage advice.

  4. Cooking at home. Stopped eating out so often. Every little bit helps.

  5. I've always been careful, saved money and etc. but last year I started eating out less, scaling back unnecessary expenses and etc.


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