Jan 3, 2010

Out of Pocket Sunday - Da Bears :o)

My employee's club from work made arrangements to go to Detroit for the Bears - Lions game.  We have five buses going to Detroit.  Should be a fun time, and maybe Da Bears will even manage to win a game :o)   We have nosebleed seats, but it is the environment I am looking forward to, have not been to a pro football game since 1984.

Hope you have a great day today, catch you on the flip side (I took Monday off, so will catch up with ya'll tomorrow).


  1. have a good trip and dress warm, it's like 8 degrees here!


  2. you'll be inside so at least the bear fans can take off their shirts and not turn blue! My son's friend went last week and he's well built so when he took his shirt off the tv crew passed him over for 2 fat guys in front of him! :)


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