Jan 10, 2010

Sweet Sunday :o)

Quiet morning, reading the paper, workout, and such.  Did get to see the Ravens had it to the Pats, that was nice to see.  Never been a Patriots nor a Brady fan.

About 3:00 PM we headed out for our first Notre Dame hockey game of the season.  It was a lot of fun, and a fight did break out (referee even got a fat lip), but alas, the Fighting Irish lost.  To me, they just did not skate with the same intensity as last year.

Then it was on to BW3's for a spot of dinner.  Great company, good beer, and some wings/burger/salad action, life is sweet sometimes.  We got to watch the Cardinals almost blow a big lead, but they pulled it out over the Packers.  A sweet ending to a sweet Sunday (sorry Dan and Dan :o)


  1. Ken:

    Glad to hear you had a good Sunday with Beth.

    A good sports day indeed! One game a whipping to the Pats and the other was fun to watch! (Since the Packers lost) :) I usually go for the veterans of the game, they impress me with age. Take a look at the stats that Warner had, an amazing game! He had a some help from his teammates when they needed it. (A bit of Help from Rogers as well!) LOL To be fair the Packers played well and they were led by a strong quarterback, maybe next year?

    I'm in a dilemma myself, I grew up a Cowboys fan, but stopped publicly rooting years ago, after the mistakes Jerry Jones has made. (I can't stand that guy!) Some old feelings came back with the victory on Saturday. Until I saw a Chicken wings commercial with Troy and the evil owner. Deep down I root for them, but will have to go for the other fellow veteran next week. I would like to see him go out on top? I have rooted for the Colts as well, they have played well over the years. Truthfully I'm a fan without a team, I root for players and underdogs. With that said these playoffs will be interesting. Again, what a good day for football!


  2. Glad y'all had a good weekend.

    I am sorta like Wes... I like Kurt Warner and in the AFC I don't care more for one team than the other, which isn't the same as being uninvolved. I like the Colts and the Bolts... not so much the Ravens.

    What a ending to that Cardinal game..!


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