Nov 22, 2009

Wellness Journey - Marathon vs. Sprint :o)

As Beth posted back on 11/13/09, we went for our wellness health screenings through my work.  Unfortunately, my results were not quite as good as Beth's.  My cholesteral is high (although my ratio of good to bad is excellent), my glucose is high, and my body fat and mass index needs some serious work.

Today, I am happy to report that I have resumed my workout routine, and it is going well.  I have worked out 10 days straight now, and am back into the routine.  I do at least 10 minutes of weights, and at least 30 minutes of cardio (500 calories minimum). 

It amazes me how easy it is to put on weight, and how long and hard it is to take it off.  My starting point was 226 lbs, with a target of 220 when we go on vacation in a few weeks, and to get below 210 by April.  By July, my target is to be below 205.  From experience, anything at 200 or below is a little to lean for my body structure.  I would like to lose faster, but this needs to be a marathon approach versus a sprint.  Making it habit and routine is the key.

As a treat and incentive today, I went out and got an Ab Lounger Sport at Target.  It uses a jacknife approach to abdominal work, much better than the bench type situps I have been doing.  I will occassionally post updates, mostly because that helps keep me motiviated, you know, do what you say you are going to do :o)


  1. Good for you! I have the same cholesterol issues and I also purchased the same Ab Lounger by Tony Little. I got mine on QVC or HSN with free delivery so that part was helpful for me because I didn't have to lug it up a flight of stairs.

    I do have to admit, when I first got it, I used it faithfully and embarrassed to say I don't use it as much as I did but now that I read your gave me the incentive to get back on it.

    Good Luck Darling. What helps me is to stay away from bread and sugar. I packed on the pounds after I stopped smoking but that has been almost three years now.....time for this extra pounds to come off. I'm trying to lose 40 pounds....I'll be happy with 20! LOL


  2. Tomorrow, I plan on posting more about my workout routine. I think you are right about being under 2 bills making you look thin. But it would be neat to get there!!

  3. ken have you and beth thought about trying geocaching? my dr told me i needed to do more for longer periods of time vs. cardio and weights in shorter sets because extended periods of brisk activity would help me burn more fat. it's fun, there are places all over the WORLD you can do it, and all you need is a decent hand held gps and some sturdy shoes. we walk between 3-4 miles each time we do serious caching and it's FUN!

  4. Kudos to you for resuming your workout routine! I agree that it is sooooo easy to put on weight and soooo hard to take it just kind of creeps up on you. Maintaining during the holidays will be key...and with all those yummy dishes Beth prepares...good luck, my friend.

  5. Ken, excellent plan. Getting and staying in a routine helps, as does the marathon versus sprint approach. It is a lot easier to put it on than to take it off, just remember the next time you have a craving!

  6. Kudoes Ken!
    Chloresterol is really a big big bad monster and I thin it is geat that you are taking a fighting stance adn fighting it!
    way to go! All the Best to you and Beth!
    p.s. please come by and visit!


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