Nov 17, 2009

Philosophical Phun - Frame Of Reference :o)

A “frame of reference” is a standard relative to which motion and rest may be measured; any set of points or objects that are at rest relative to one another enables us, in principle, to describe the relative motions of bodies. A frame of reference is therefore a purely kinematical device, for the geometrical description of motion without regard to the masses or forces involved. A dynamical account of motion leads to the idea of an “inertial frame,” or a reference frame relative to which motions have distinguished dynamical properties. For that reason an inertial frame has to be understood as a spatial reference frame together with some means of measuring time, so that uniform motions can be distinguished from accelerated motions. The laws of Newtonian dynamics provide a simple definition: an inertial frame is a reference-frame with a time-scale, relative to which the motion of a body not subject to forces is always rectilinear and uniform, accelerations are always proportional to and in the direction of applied forces, and applied forces are always met with equal and opposite reactions.

My frame of reference is based on Nutwood Junction and my wonderful wife.  We live a simple life, but have a passion for making things better - environmentally, politically, and financially.  What is your passion?


  1. I think I am searching for my proper frame of reference.

  2. My passion is for making people understand that, while we may look and act and speak and worship and live and love differently, we are all basically the same.

    It's ongoing...............

  3. My frame of reference is similar to yours Ken. We also have a comfortable life we have built, but our real passion is helping the world and those around us to see the power they have to be better socially, environmentally, and politically.


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