Nov 5, 2009

On October 29, 2009, UCLA Engineering celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Internet. Forty years ago, a team led by UCLA's Professor Leonard Kleinrock, sent the first message on ARPANET, which later became the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized communication, education, business and entertainment leading to dramatic changes in our social, political and economic lives.

I know I will forever be grateful for the internet, that is how I met my bride.  How about you, any special memories of the internet???


  1. It allowed me the freedom to have a voice despite my deafness. For that alone, I will always be grateful. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I listened to a really good radio program on this anniversary yesterday. Very interesting.

  3. Great poetry!

    I, too, owe a great deal to the computer. It changed my life in many, many ways. I live in Tulsa because of the internet, my best friends were first met on line, and in some ways my divorce was engendered by the internet. And there's so much more...

  4. I remember the feeling that I could really travel to 'infinity and beyond' when I would get online. What ever piece of anything that caught my mind, was but a few keystrokes away.

    Being able to meet people who had some of the same ideas and interests has been invaluable to me. No matter who was around me, comming on line and socializing meant I never was alone or felt as if I was isolated.

    I am grateful for the internet!

  5. Hi Ken,
    I think my clearest memory of the Internet was years ago when I was working in my company's 'interactive media studio' (we used to develop games and other titles for CD-ROM). One of the developers called me into his office and showed me the Netscape Browser and said "we don't know what to do about this ... it might change our business." And sure enough, it did!

  6. Actually everyday the internet is more and more amazing. But my top moment has to be meeting my partner as well. The internet connects everything together in special ways. :)


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