Nov 27, 2009

Science Scene - PlantBottle, Thanks Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola cursive logo is the most recognized consumer brand in the world, and now, in some places, it will have a little green stamp on it, symbolizing not only that company’s sustainability efforts, but the degree to which green thinking has penetrated the corporate mindset.

The Coca-Cola Company dubs the new packaging PlantBottle, and boasts that it is the first-to-market plant based PET plastic bottle in the industry. PlantBottle is already on the shelves in eco-conscious Denmark (in time for Copenhagen) and will be introduced in Canada in December, and San Francisco, LA and Seattle in January.

The beverage company aims to produce 2 billion PlantBottles by the end of 2010, “a first step towards achieving the Company’s vision of bringing to market plastic bottles that are made with 100 percent renewable raw materials and are still fully recyclable,” according to a press release.
PlantBottle packaging is currently made through a process that turns sugar cane and molasses, a by-product of sugar production, into a key component for PET plastic. The sugar cane being used comes from predominantly rain-fed crops that were processed into ethanol, not refined sugar. Ultimately, the Company’s goal is to use non-food, plant-based waste, such as wood chips or wheat stalks, to produce recyclable PET plastic bottles.  The bottles do not use 100 percent plant material because the material can not handle hot or carbonated beverages.

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  1. Makes you think that if the powers that be really put their industrial and creative might behind using eco0safe materials, they could. And it would allow us to think that we would be leaving a world that can thrive into the deeps of the millienium.

  2. That's neat. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to know about it.


    We do not need Petroleum based bottles at all.

    This is a great effort by Coke, but falls way short. Every 72 bottles of Coke has 1 gallon of oil in them. Lets get the real thing.

    Green Planet Bottling.

  4. That's great. We need more great ideas like this, companies!

  5. I remember when I was about 20 years old and a new bride, my oldest brother who was a chemist told me not to buy anything in plastic bottles. Around that time, most things came in glass bottles but I guess it was cost efficient for companies to switch to plastic not realizing the effects to come years later and the danger of plastic with food, liquids, and our environment.

    Of course at the time, I was young and my brother was forever reading ingredients on grocery items and driving me insane with all his advice which I now know were words of wisdom.

    Go Green everyone. I just purchased those "Green" bottles as stocking stuffers for my adult children for them to put their own purified water in there instead of buying cases of bottled water in plastic bottles.

  6. Finally! It's about time CC.


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