Nov 12, 2009

I see Bar Food in our future :o)

TGI Friday's just announced that it is lowering the price on eight of its appetizers to half-price! The appetizers are normally $6 -$11. The deal is good after 4 p.m. when you sit in the bar area.

The offer starts Tuesday, November 10 and goes through Dec. 23, 2009. The eight half-priced apps include sesame jack chicken strips, Tuscan spinach dip (served with chips), fried mozzarella, pot stickers, crispy green bean fries, loaded potato skins, Friday's tostada nachos, and buffalo wings.


  1. uh oh...weez beez in troublz now....all that Christmas shopping our family is going to do requires some appetizers!

  2. They all sound wonderful. Not very healthy but none this less~tasty. Applebee's has their appitizers half price during certain hours too...or at least they did back in May. We have one place on the waterfront here in Tacoma, that has all their appitizers half price between 3pm & 5pm every weekday. Such a deal. If you get several and drinks ~ that's a meal. I'll have to check out TGI Friday's here in town. Linda in sunny & cold Washington state

  3. Hi Ken,
    I'm still reeling over your entry yesterday about how grilled chicken causes cancer (the article mentioned TGIF, I think). I think I'll pass on the discount grub.

  4. Did you say Bar Food at my Favorite BAR TGIF? OMG, stumbled outta there many days back in the day. Just had the JD Chicken and Shrimp this week YUM!


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