Nov 3, 2009

Catitude :o)

"Cats regard people as warm-blooded furniture." Jacquelyn Mitchard

Disclaimer - this is not Sheeba, but a remarkable resemblence :o)


  1. Cute. But Natasha doesn't like to touch all that often. Instead it is Boris who thinks of me as furniture.

  2. So I looked at this picture and thought, "When did we take that? I don't have sweatpants like that. Hey, we don't have a chair like that. Or a floor like that!" Thanks for mind-freaking me. That looks unbelievably like Sheeba.

  3. Cats do what they want. One of ours, Tuxedo, crawls up on me at 5:30 AM every day and just sits there until I wake up. Not so I can feed him, but because he wants to play!

    They always win.

  4. When Paloma was alive she used to rest her bud right on top on my head every morning during the winter I used to love it cause it kept me warm, yet during the summer I wasn't able to push her away she was too sweet of a family member for me to push her away. I used to them deal with it for a while and when It got too hot, I will get up and start my day.

  5. Yes they do! As I am typing this George is using me as some kind of jungle gym.


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