Nov 14, 2009

Go Irish :o)

I hope to be able to update this entry later tonight with the news that the Fighting Irish beat #8 Pitt in football.  But this entry is about our great day today.

Coffee - check
Paper - check
Workout - check
Pleasant Weather - check

About 1:15 PM, we headed out to the recently renovated Purcell Arena (previously called the Joyce Center) for the season opener of the Fighting Irish basketball season.  They were playing North Florida, and the won easily (by about 30 points). 

Update: The Cardiac Kids tried to rally, but they came up short, 27-22.  Second week they gave one away :o(


  1. Guess you got your wish! Congrats to The Irish!

  2. I wonder if Charlie is going to make it through the season. Not looking good for him.


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