Nov 7, 2009

Tailgating in November - Outstanding

When we got up this morning, it was already almost 60 degrees.  We shook out the cobwebs, had our showers, and headed for the stadium. 

We found good parking, poured our beers into our cups, and went out in search of our tailgate partners (folks from my work).  It was a little breezy, but that settled down as the day progressed, and I am pleased to announce that I never had to put on my windbreaker.  A sweatshirt was all that was required on this fine South Bend autumn day.

We met up with our tailgate partners (we were the first to arrive and really enjoyed watching a boxer revel in the warm weather with his human friends).  Shortly, our tailgate host arrived, and his wife did an outstanding job.  Sammiches, Chicken, Brownies, veggies, fruit, chips... you get the idea.  There ended up being about a dozen of us and no one left hungry and there was just enough beer to get us to the stadium.

The sun was shining, the band was playing, and there was a Navy flyover.  It was a great day, except for the final score of the game, Navy 23, ND 21.  ND had at least four opportunities to score, which would have put the game away, but that was not to be today.  While we are not pleased with the outcome, as Beth said, it is not possible to hate on Navy.  Besides, some of our Tailgate friends were Navy vets, so at least some of our group left happy.

It was great day for our last set of ND Football Tickets. Looks like it is time to go on-line and seek out some Basketball and Hockey tickets.  Hope you had a great Saturday, I know we enjoyed ours.

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  1. Everything was perfect except for the stupid score!


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