Jun 15, 2009

Making Change Happen :o)

Have you been contemplating making a change? It could be as simple as losing weight, start saving more money, or more challenging like writing a book or stopping smoking. We all have pre-wired things that tend to hold us back (previous attempts have failed, so why bother). How do you evoke change then?

Choose a goal and go! Decide what change you wish to make, and determine what you are going to do right this moment to make it happen. For example, if your goal is weight loss, go and climb the stairs five times and drink two glasses of water. Go ahead, I'll wait.........

Take a step toward your goal each day! When you look at yourself in the mirror each morning, take a moment to contemplate the progress you have made toward your change, have a two second celebration, and then decide what you will do today to build upon that progress. For example, if your goal is to start saving more money, you could spend some time each day researching coupons on-line, and start building a collection.

Choose reality over fantasy! Take the time you're tempted to spend dreaming about changing your life and use it to make some changes instead. For example, instead of sitting down to watch TV, why not spend some time on the book. Turn off unhelpful automatic responses! Our natural reactions can stand in the way of making positive change. Two of the biggest to overcome, in my opinion, are being impatient and procrastinating. Change takes time, and habits take at least 21 days to change. Healthy weight loss means only a couple of pounds per week. It may take some writing classes before you learn the proper technique. So make sure you return to the second tidbit above daily at keep your affirmation positive. A good way to combat, or identify if you are feeling inadequate, would be to keep a journal (paper or on-line). Patterns will emerge, or if you choose the on-line path, you will have a built in support group.

Find a Support Team! You do not have to do this alone. See suggestion above about on-line support :o) Find a peer support group or a person that has already made the change you are endeavoring. If you goal is specific such as savings, consider a financial planner. If it is health related, find a coach or organization.

Review the day's progress each night! This forces a reality check - did you make progress or did you experience some missteps. If your goal was to be more patient, did you get frustrated at a checkout line, or did you browse one of the fine magazines there for your gawking pleasure :o)

Share your growth! The positive feedback you receive will help you maintain your momentum.

Plagiarized from May 1, 2009 Bottom/Line Personal interview with Gary Null.


  1. All great suggestions. Sometimes it's a matter of getting the proper mindset: I CAN do this, and I WILL.

  2. Hi Ken,
    Yes, I've been thinking about change lately ... but I've always thrived on change. If you play it right, you can turn life's little curveballs into opportunities.

  3. I am still trying to quit smoking - how long now, since November?? Good advice you've given here Ken.


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