Jun 2, 2009

Tiger, on a Different Tour :o)

I am a huge Tiger Woods Fan, and on his recent newsletter, he had the following to say about meeting the President and touring the White House. Pretty Cool :o)

"I recently had a chance to meet with President Obama in the White House. I would love to be able to play golf with him and just talk. Maybe one day we can do that. He's got a lot on his plate, but is a very down-to-earth person, especially for someone who is the leader of the free world.

I got a tour of the White House. What I especially enjoyed was learning about its history and details about all the different rooms. It was pretty neat stepping back in time. I also enjoyed talking with the Secret Service agents."

To follow Tiger, go to his website by clicking here.


  1. What I think is neat is here is this athlete, a multi-millionaire, possibly the best athlete in the history of sports...and he thought it was so cool to see the White House and learn about the history of the place! Tiger rocks! (I just signed up for the newsletter, too!)

  2. We took a tour of the White house during the Clinton administration. I bet Tiger had the chance to see parts we didn't...but our tour was still pretty fascinating.

  3. Isn't it something to hear from someone who is 'big' himself speak about how humbling it is to visit the White House?? Makes me think more highly of Tiger than any of his accomplishments.

  4. Ken:

    He is one of the best athletes of our time. I like is attitude about the President and the White House. One day I hope to see the White House and the Vietnam Wall.

    Have a good day today.

  5. How lovely to be able to visit the White House as a guest of the President ~ Ally x

  6. Barack and Tiger... what a great pair!


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