Jun 28, 2009

Cheetos or Doritos - Tell me Which You prefer :o)

It's been a pretty amazing week for snack foods. In addition to delivering nacho cheese and big, crunchy flavor, Frito Lay's Cheetos and Doritos brands have also been offering a hearty helping of domestic warfare and illicit sex.

No, this trend isn't part of a new prize promotion, although it is worth asking what, exactly, the company has been putting into its snacks.

In Shelbyville, Tenn., for example, one of Frito Lay's products apparently inspired a couple to go face-to-face in a battle royale. Their weapon of choice? Cheetos.Yes, Cheetos. The little orange squiggles of corn, oil, and fake cheese are, apparently, a major incitement to violence. Apparently 40-year-old James Earl Taylor and 44-year-old Mary S. Childers were involved in "a verbal altercation" that escalated until the two were hurling puffy cheese crunchies at each other. Authorities charged both Taylor and Childers with domestic assault, and both were released on $2,500 bail.

As if the Cheetos assault incident wasn't enough, in Oklahoma, an employee of Frito Lay ran afoul of the law when he allegedly purchased the affections of a prostitute in return for a case of Doritos. The snack-loving woman, Lahoma Sue Smith, was parked in an area known for prostitution, and alerted police to her presence when she began "trying to catch a date" by flashing her headlights. Her customer, who hasn't been named, apparently didn't have any money. However, Smith was willing to exchange her favors for the chips, which were valued at $30. When officers approached Smith's car, she and her passenger were not fully dressed. The police charged Smith with prostitution and driving on a suspended license.

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  1. my grandma loved cheetos. she would of been cracking up at that story.


  2. Would Cheetos be considered weapons of cheese destruction? ;)

  3. I stay away from anything that leaves that much of a mess in my hands! LOL

    Funny stories about Cheetos!

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Arn't some people crazy ~ I did laugh at the Man who bought prostitution with a box of chips :o) ~ Ally x

  5. Man I hate Cheetos, but I'm not a big fan of Doritos either. Smiley, however, would go toe to toe with a grizzly for a bag of Hot Cheetos.

  6. assult with a cheeto?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?



  7. Hi Ken,
    Wow ... what a story. I'm not sure which is worse, the $2,500 Cheeto or that little "Chippie" who sold herself for a box of Doritos. Good God, folks, both of those products are pure, hydrogenated garbage.


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