Jun 8, 2009

Cash For Gold $

During this difficult economic time, if you are forced to sell some of your gold jewelry, the best place to sell is through ExpressGoldCash.com. You can check the market value of gold at www.goldprice.org. Remember that is selling for scrap, do not include the weight of gemstones.


  1. I have never worn jewelry, so I have none. But I have often wondered how much do people actually get when they pawn or sell their stuff to places like that? I mean, a chain doesn't look like an ounce of gold to me, and often I see chains retailing for more than an ounce of gold.

  2. I couldn't sell my pieces if jewllery as every piece even that which is broken is sentimental to me ~ I shall have to think of another way to make some cash :o) ~ Ally x

  3. We got a pretty nice little chunk o' money for selling that little bit of old jewelry we had. It was also nice because some of it was wedding bands from a previous life. LOL

  4. I can't imagine people mailing their jewelry and expecting to get a fair price -if it even makes it there..I am a skeptic about everything though...

  5. I had some old dental crowns from my grandfather that I sent away to expressgoldcash.com which you mentioned and everything went perfect. I got over $600 for the crowns I couldnt believe it. I did call and they said that dental gold is high in gold purity so it adds up very quickly.

    Thanks for the advice

    Marsha B.


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