Jun 25, 2009

Sunscreen - To Slosh or Not :o)

The key may be in what you eat, not what you slosh on your skin.

In a recent study, researchers took a group of people and exposed them to a controlled amount of solar-type radiation. They then gave half the group a cocoa drink rich in bioflavonoids, and the other half a "fake" cocoa drink with little nutritional value.

Result: Those taking the higher flavonoid drink had a 15-25% reduction in UV-induced redness. They also had increased skin thickness, increased blood flow, and less skin roughness.

So, yet another reason to eat lots of colored fruits and vegetables, green tea, and cocoa. Personally, I am thinking a little more red wine in my diet :o)


  1. I think I'd better continue to use plenty of sunscreen when we're in Florida. I could drink a barrel of red wine and still get burned to a crisp!

  2. my god are you telling me if i eat more chocolate (and make mr. mischief eat more too) we will be less likely to burn/and or freckle????

    i can't stand the stuff but if it saves the skin i suppose i could choke down a pb twix or two and a couple of dark chocolate dove nuggets.

    all in the name of health of course!


  3. I'll continue drinking my red wine....I guess I could add some dark chocolate too!

    Hugs, Rose

  4. Good points, and makes sense. I mean, the health of our skin is so rooted in what we eat. But people spend billions on skin creams that really do nothing but make you smell like a giant strawberry. I'd rather eat the fruit than spread it all over me - of course, when I was younger....lol another story. Great post!

  5. O yeah - they still use "pinky swear" but mostly I hear "swear on your life" alot of good that'll do eh? Wonder who started pinky swear anyway - why not thumb swear or big toe swear? What a world lol.


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