Jun 24, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot :o)

The last couple of days here have been in the nineties, both temperature and humidity (at least that is the way it feels :o)

I had an appointment yesterday that required non-summer clothes, and that was brutal. Then, I cleared some of the downed limbs around the yard from the midwest storms last week, and mowed a few blades of grass (about 2 acres I think). Needless to say, it was a two shower day :o)

Today was a belated Father's Day celebration (I had to work Sunday). We had both Beth's folks here and my folks (Mom and Stepdad). I had a bit of angst before they got here because I have been calling Beth's Dad, "Dad", but still refer to my Stepdad as Jim (for reasons I will not go into here). Ended up being no issue, because it was like old friends, and there was no need for salutations. Phew!

I was thinking today how lucky Beth and I are, to be at this stage of our life [guess that would be middle age, nooooooooo, the inhumanity...] and have both sets of our folks here with us. Today, sitting and talking, grilling some burgers, talking, talking, and talking, was awesome. It was a fitting Father's Day celebration.

I broke down today and headed to Lowes to get a portable air conditioner for the bedroom (our house does not have central air, and we use a portable in the living room). The window unit is in the garage, behind some garage sale stuff, and it is a royal pain in the arse (that one is for you Simon) to install (pull out the screen, pull out the storm window, get it leveled just right to not condense into the house [failed with this last year], and then re-insert the storm window and tighten everything up). Having the window unit also robs us of the opportunity to open the window and listen to the [stupid] birds. So we decided today to get another portable unit for the bedroom, and it only took about ten minutes to get everything hooked up and secured.

Tomorrow is my Sunday, as I have not been to work since last Sunday, and then it is a four day stint of twelve hour days (plus commute). This is where I chant - I Love My Job, I Love My Job, I Love My Job. Hope you coast into the weekend. And for those readers who are getting ready for a bit of travel, have a great, great, great trip [Love You Man :o)].


  1. A very good day despite the extreme temps. We didn't purposefully pick the hottest day of the year so far--it just worked out that way! I'm just glad it was comfortable inside, and that everyone had a nice time. Nice job on the burgers, by the way, and I'll sample the brats tomorrow. :)

  2. So you really enjoy listening to the birds, eh Ken?

    Have the best weekend!!

  3. Cha-ching, says the girl who owns Lowe's stock

    Those family "titles" can be stress producing, but I'm very glad it wasn't an issue. You really can't force a title like that, and no one should have to try.

  4. Good move with the A/C we've got record mugginess in NJ too, and you can actually see the humidity damn it. People are melting on the sidewalk! Of course, come winter I'll be complaining about that, too.


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